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Spiritual movement does not relate to a measurable distance in physical movement

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Q. I have heard that Ezekiel 1 describes a UFO. Is that true?

A. Ezekiel chapter one is a very interesting chapter and it uses what is called "apocalyptic" (to reveal) language. That’s why the Book of Revelation is also called "The Apocalypse" because it uses a style of language known in Hebrew thought as "apocalyptic."

To understand this chapter there are few things that have to be understood. This chapter has nothing to do with flying saucers and here is why. This vision is known as the "merkavah" (chariot) or in other words the "Ma’aseh Merkavah" or "the work or account of the Chariot."

The term "chariots of fire" (merkavah mophtim) comes from this. A "chariot" is the means (vehicle) by which God’s glory is displayed in creation. Angels, Israel or something else that could be considered Gods "chariot." What Ezekiel saw in this vision was the angelic realm that "supported" the throne of God.

There are two classes of angels here called "ophanim and cherubim" and they work as messengers, carrying out his will. This brings us to something that needs to be understood. There are five elements in the physical world and they are time, light, mass, space and energy. The spiritual world has the same thing. There is spiritual time, light, mass, space and energy.

This vision is saying that God’s presence, or Shekinah, would no longer find its place among so degraded a people and it would be confined in the heaven (See Ezekiel 10.1-22; 11.22-25). We see later that Ezekiel saw the presence leave (spiritual movement) the Holy of Holies, then the Temple, then the city and finally into the heavenly realm at the Mt of Olives because judgment was coming and the Temple and city were going to be destroyed. Interestingly enough, after the resurrection, the Lord left the Temple, the city and ascended into heaven at the same place before the city was again destroyed by the Romans.

Here is an important concept. Spiritual movement does not relate to a measurable distance as in physical movement. "Near" means "similar to" and "far" means "opposite" or "different." Spiritual time can be the holy days or prayer time, things like that. Spiritual light is the cause or will of God. Spiritual mass are the agents that carry out God’s will.

Spiritual space can be heaven, the Temple, Israel, a home or any place set apart for the Lord. Spiritual energy, therefore, is the result or effect of the spiritual mass on mankind or creation. So, the vision of the Merkavah in Ezekiel 1 shows a heavenly (spiritual space) "chariot" which is really four angelic beasts called Cherubim.

These angels (spiritual mass) are carrying out God’s will. This purpose of God is also called being "in the spirit" or "under the control" of the spirit, but no mention is made of what exactly the purpose was at that point. But what we have is an example of the relationship between spiritual light (will of God) with spiritual mass (the angels carrying out that will) and the resulting spiritual energy (effect of the actions) upon man and creation. Ezekiel 43.1-5 has the account of the presence of God returning into the Temple.

Now, why is Ezekiel 1, Ezekiel 10 and Ezekiel 43 important to understand in the right way? Because these portions of scripture were read in the Temple and synagogues on the feast of Pentecost and it prepared the people for what was about to happen 50 days after the resurrection of the Lord and it was the setting for what happened in Acts 2.1-13 with the coming of the Lord’s presence (Spirit) into another Temple, the believer. All the five spiritual elements were in action.

There is so much more to get into concerning this but I hope this at least gives you an idea about what the Lord is trying to communicate in these chapters and also will dispel any notions you may have that these chapters have anything to do with UFO’s or flying saucers.

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