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Do the things the enemy is trying to keep you from doing

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This week we are going to continue our study of spiritual warfare and briefly discuss what to do when under attack.

The enemy will try to penetrate you and there several ways this can be done.

We already discussed what our "walls" are and the enemy will try and come over your wall.

This is when he thinks he has you defeated and you will be overwhelmed by an attack.

Secondly, he will also try and come through your walls by a constant pounding, being harassed and it doesn’t let up.

Third, he may try and come under your walls.

This is when the enemy tries to undermine you by imperceptible methods, trying to "tunnel" his way into your defenses by "digging" into your life trying to find a weakness he can exploit.

If that doesn’t work he will try to get through your gates.

Your gates are your senses and he will try to use your perceptions to control you.

Last, deception is always a good tactic, a spiritual "Trojan horse" if you will.

They will try to be your friend and get close to you.

Then, in time, their real age-nda will be unleashed and you won’t know what hit you.

Accusations, falsehoods, friends turning on you will reveal the sad truth that you have let the enemy inside your walls, too close to you, and unless you get control real fast much damage will be done.

When under attack, the goal of the enemy is to keep from doing a work for the Lord.

Just do it and don’t be distracted.

Speed up and don’t slow down.

An excellent example of this is the Book of Nehemiah.

He is building the walls of Jerusalem and was under attack constantly, but he kept on working, even with one hand on a weapon and the other with a tool.

This is where we study harder, pray and take action even when under attack.

Keep up a steady pace, stay on schedule and keep on standing.

Do the things the enemy is trying to keep you from doing.

But, don’t be stiff and formal, use "formulas or act like the next guy.

Israel was disobedient in 2 Sam 4.1-22 and thought that if they carried the Ark into battle, God would give them the victory.

It was like "magic" and som-etimes people have a desire to do the same thing.

They wave a bible, or wear crosses or stars of David thinking it protects them. In other words, don’t replace the Scriptures with anything else.

When attacked, pray because that is your source of strength and have an attitude that you won’t back down.

Do something like knowing your attacker, his strategy, strength and plans.

Also what weapons he will use.

Know your foundation and why the battle is being fought.

Don’t be a "crusader."

Study, learn, pray and move when God tells you.

Your devices of protection should not be a hindrance to you, streamline your "armor.

During the Crusades, the Crusaders had so much armor on that the heat of the Middle east was bad enough but the Moslems would set fires, raising the temperature even higher and the Crusaders suffered heat exhaustion and heat strokes and literally fell off their horses.

Don’t ignore the minor things when battling major attacks (Ladders at the back gate while there are battering rams at the front gate).

During a battle, find a place to rest.

You can’t fight, fight, fight without any rest.

Cool it for awhile.

Don’t talk about the battle all the time because it drains you and you can’t hear from the Lord.

Spiritual battles don’t need to be centered in reason and don’t be surprised when those closest to you join in the battle against you.

On the other hand, the enemy can’t sustain a battle against you forever either.

Hang tough and keep going.

Use whatever means you can to hold on.

Wait and be confident.

Also, be flexible and know when to "pull" back.

During a battle you must protect your water source, which is the Word of God.

If you are well protected, don’t let the enemy "draw" you out from behind your walls.

An example of this is where one is really learning the Scriptures and is on fire, then, they move away because of a job offer or they leave the congregation because they are "led of the Lord" when they really haven’t heard.

They will soon be "cut off" from the "good city" from others and from their studies.

How do you know when God speaks?

First, does it line up with the scriptures.

Second, if it is accompanied by a sign that you ask for.

Here’s how NOT to put out a fleece.

"I want to do…….. and if you want me to do it then give me…." and name the sign.

Here’s how to do it.

God speaks to you and you are not sure.

You want to confirm it, and it is then that you send out your sign.

"If you are speaking to me about this, then……(name the sign).

Many fleece their own thoughts.

If the Lord is in it, He is not ashamed to confirm it.

The enemy will try to "thin you out" by having too many irons in the fire.

He will try and draw you away from your "home base" which is where you are learning and are fed.

You are then in his territory.

What do you do when you haven’t heard from the Lord?

You wait, study, grow and learn.

How does God speak?

You can hear His voice directly.

Messengers, prophets, teachers, donkeys, unbelievers can be used to speak to you.

Circumstances or the Scriptures are common also.

There is His still, small voice or dreams, visions, mind flashes which are called "open speech."

Then there are puns and parables which are called "dark speech."

God is not limited on how he can speak and we must know that he does and believe that he will speak to us.

Next week we will go over what to do after a victory.

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