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If you could double your knowledge of the Lord, how far would you go to attain it?

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* Water source = water is symbolic of teaching (Hebrew = "mayim chaim" or living water).

Wells are dug which means digging for wisdom, life, truth.

Water is below the ground and buried, hidden and it can only be brought forth with hard work.

A water source (teaching) is essential to a city.

It must be protected in a siege/battle.

* Gates = the weak point in a wall (our life and our defenses).

They need attention and relate to our senses (what you see, hear, feel, taste/say and touch).

* Sword = a sharp mind in the Word, sharp words. (Psalm 59.7) There several types.

A double edged sword

is used to pierce deep and long with one blow.

* Arrows, stones = words. (Psalm 120.3-4)

* Helmet = covers the our head against psychological warfare, guards the mind.

* Bows/slings = that which fires the arrows, information.

* Quiver = stores the information, like memory.

* Composite bow = blends many areas of study together.

* Spear/javelin = medium range weapon, anything that keeps the enemy at a distance, not too close.

* Axe = anything that pierces or cuts or hacks, like a "cutting remark."

* Mace = inflicts a heavy blow, can beat you down (like a death, divorce, job loss, etc).

* Battering ram = repeated, frontal pounding "right in the gut" and has to be stopped.

* Conservatism = not changing with new tactics or weapons can lead to destruction (apathy, decadence, etc). The Philistines did not continue to develop the bow, and Egypt did, resulting in a Philistine defeat.

* Firebrands, coals = thoughts, words (Psalm 120.4) trouble or troublesome people. (Isaiah 7.4)

* Auxiliary forces = those close to us who turn against us and fight with the enemy (family, friends, etc).

* Siege = long, drawn out trial or battle (Julius Caesar at Alessia).

* Posterns = schemes, undermining, "tunnels" coming against us from another while you are on the attack from the outside (they come out of the city against you).

* Allies = those close to us who fight with us (family, friends, or other believers, etc).

* Surprise = to move your force, to engage the enemy at a time and under conditions he does not expect or has prepared for.

He cannot react with his own weapons and forces effectively.

Along with these definitions, there several other concepts to include here.

There three types of battles.

A duel is one on one, a small group battle is one group against another and armies are one large movement against another (elections, etc).

The basis for strategy and tactics involves surprise, maintenance of aim, economy, concentration of force, coordination of arms and security.

In other words, spiritual warfare means engaging in battle (getting involved).

Even if you don’t want to do it, it is a necessity for a believer to prepare for battles because they are coming.

Many wait until they are under attack to begin learning something about it, but by then it may be too late.

In the next segment, we will discuss warfare truths and give some overall, practical advice which will help in future battles.

After that we will discuss God as the Commander, what He will do and not do.

The next thing we will talk about will be what preparations can we make for future battles.

Then we will look at psychological warfare and how to recognize it and what to do about it.

Then we will look at what to do when attacking followed by what to do when under attack.

Lastly, we will look at what to do after a victory.

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