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God taught the sacrifices and meanings to Adam and the knowledge was passed down

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A San Antonio mega-church pastor has been teaching that Jews who don’t believe in Yeshua will not be judged to eternal damnation because they are God’s chosen people-what is the truth? (Joe)


This teaching is called the Plural Covenant or also known as the Dual Covenant.

This teaching basically says that the New Testament applies to Gentiles, including Yeshua’s atoning blood and that the Jewish people relate to God through the Old Testament or the Abrahamic Covenant.

This has been around a long time and certainly the pastor isn’t the first one to teach it, but it is not true and is very destructive at its core.

It tells the Jewish people they don’t need to have faith in Yeshua.

Now that may make some of them feel better, but it is not what the Scriptures, Old or New Testament, teach.

Yeshua was sent to Israel and they did not believe.

Acts 2 is all about Jews believing in Yeshua and getting saved.

The gospel was sent to the Jew first, and then the Gentile.

It was sent to the Jews first because they should have known the Scriptures and the signs that Messiah had come, and they in turn were to be a light to the Gentiles and bring this truth to the nations.

And so the teaching that Jews don’t need to believe in Yeshua for salvation is just not biblical and I find it hard to believe anyone who reads the Bible could draw such a conclusion, unless there was another agenda.

I know of several prominent teachers who believe this and they all have one thing in common, they need the favor of the Jewish rabbi’s to further what they believe God called them to do.

Well, if you taught that these rabbis and leaders need God you aren’t going to sell many books or have any access to the leaders in Israel, so they compromise the truth in order to further what they want to do.

Most of you who read this article know that there are many Scriptures that refute the teaching of the Plural Covenant but there are many who accept it because their pastor or favorite teacher believes it.

But, all have sinned and have fallen short of the glory of God and there are none righteous, not one.

The main concern in the first century wasn’t whether Jews needed to be saved in the name of Yeshua, but where did the Gentiles fit in to all of it.

How the times have changed.

Now the Gentiles are telling the Jews they don’t need Yeshua because they have the Abrahamic Covenant.

But don’t you think that Yeshua and Paul understood the Abrahamic covenant, and if they did, why did they insist that the Jewish people needed to accept Yeshua to be saved?.

They spent a lot of time getting this truth to Israel and those that opposed it killed them for it.

Well, teachers today don’t want their ministries "killed" because then they couldn’t lead tours to Israel, have access to political leaders, be able to finance television programs, sell books on prophecy, be invited to all the big Bible conferences and so on, so they tell the Jewish people things that won’t offend them, and the fact that Yeshua was crucified under the careful eye of Jewish religious leaders is very embarrassing, so this teaching is a perverted way of making everybody happy.

It’s just wrong and if anyone teaches it they are dead wrong.

In a way, it’s a satanic trick to make sure more Jews die unsaved and I want no part of it.

So, in short, this teaching is unbiblical and should be opposed if you ever are confronted by it.

For more information on this, just go to the Internet and do a Google search on the Plural Covenant or Dual covenant to get more information.

Thanks for the question.

Q. What do you think about the Mayan calendar and its prediction for something very disastrous happening to the earth in 2012?

A. Quite frankly, I don’t spend much time being concerned with what the Mayans thought or their calendar, and here’s why.

First, they were pagans and didn’t know God so their predictions were not being inspired by the Holy Spirit.

Secondly, true prophecy is found in the Jewish prophets found in our Bibles.

People need to be studying the Scriptures, not what some ancient people said who didn’t know the Lord.

There is nothing in the Bible that specifically points to 2012 and we already know that date setting just isn’t God’s style.

He gives signs along the way, and confirms His word, but He didn’t reveal anything through the Mayans and so I would discount their prediction, which is nothing but astrology anyway and we know we are not to listen to pagan prognosticators.

But some might say that other pagan predictions came true in the past, or bring up Nostradamus or someone.

To that I say this, they have to be correct 100 percent of the time to be considered from God, and they weren’t.

A broken clock is right twice a day, too, but that doesn’t mean it works.

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