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The scri ptures teach good and evil will exist together in the Kingdom of God

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In Revelation 16.13 it says three frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, out of the mouth of the beast and out of the mouth of the false prophet.

What does this mean and how does it relate to us today?


To fully understand this we will start in 16.13 and go to verse 16.

The scri ptures teach good and evil will exist together in the Kingdom of God. God uses the demonic realm to achieve His purposes and one of the purposes is to test the earth, to test His people and so on.

He will use lying spirits to do it ( 2 Chr 18.19-21) if He wants, God is sovereign.

I am going to give my opinion on these verses and why.

In the verse you mentioned, a similar thing is going on and it is completely under the control of the Lord. Satan, the False Messiah and the False Prophet are not running out of control in the Birth-pains, it is all according to the Lord’s purpose.

In v 13 it describes the power behind these beings in apocalyptic language and symbolism.

Frogs are used because a frog captures its victim by the tongue and so do false prophets.

These three will deceive many by their "tongues" also.

The next verse tells you it is the power of demons and their job is to gather the world together for a war.

This war has been going on since Eden and notice it does not say "battle."

It is an ongoing war and during the Tribulation it is going to be even worse.

I don’t really see a literal "Battle of Armageddon" here, as taught in many prophecy scenarios.

These lying spirits will try to convince the world to go against God’s commandments and to embrace replacement theology Christianity, or whatever religion is in their country.

The key verse in understanding their purpose is verse 16.

John says they will try to gather them to a place called in the Hebrew Har-magedon.

Now, why did he say "in the Hebrew" and not just say it in Greek.

It’s because there is something to be understood about this and it can only be understood if you have been taught from the Torah and the Prophets and the concepts found there.

The Greeks didn’t have these concepts (Jn 4.22). The term "har-magedon" has been used before in scri pture.

You will find it in Isaiah 14.13.

It talks about Satan’s desire to sit on the "mount of assembly" (har-moe-ghed) and be worshipped.

It refers to the people coming up to Jerusalem, to the Temple on Mt. Moriah at the appointed times (Sabbath/Festivals) to meet with God.

So this term is used again in Revelation 16.16 to describe why these lying spirits go out to deceive the world.

This term does not mean "Mount Megiddo" because there is no Mount Megiddo in Israel. This is a war over whose holy days are the people going to keep.

Dan 7.25 says the False Messiah and the False Prophet will replace the biblical festivals with other ones because he wants to be worshipped on the "Mount of Assembly (har-moeghed)."

The war being described here is over obedience to the Torah.

These lying spirits, described as frogs (because of their tongues) go out and tell people the Law has been done away with, Sunday is the Lord’s Day, Christmas is godly, go ahead and eat unclean meats like pork, lobster, catfish and that is just in this country.

He has deceived the whole world with many different religions. Satan doesn’t care what you follow as long as it isn’t biblical.

And if it isn’t what God said, then by implication you are really following Satan and he is now on the "Mount of Assembly" (har-moeghed) and that is what he has wanted (Isa 14.13) and that is what the verse is saying.

Notice God uses an unclean creature like a frog to signify a demon and there are people reading this article right now who eat frogs and say God says it’s alright!

The war has always been over whether you will obey the Lord or not. So, in short, these frogs signify demonic spirits/teachings, who go forth and try to capture victims with their tongues.

The place for this war is the "the mount of assembly" or true worship as described in the Torah (Jn 4.19-24).

Do you follow the Lord’s festivals or do you follow replacement festivals?

I don’t really see a physical last "Battle of Armageddon" here.

That is part of the deception.

People are looking for a physical battle when the real war is spiritual and it is over obedience to the Word of God.

That is not to say there won’t be physical battles in the Tribulation because there will be, but there is something greater going on in these verses.

The world is being prepared right now to embrace these three frogs, the theology is in place and growing and there are plenty of "frogs" capturing their victims with their tongues right now in any religion that does not follow the written word of God as found in the Torah.

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