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Americas destiny

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Danny G. Hatfield Sr.

When we make our own bed; we have to sleep in it! What kind of bed do you believe we have made for ourselves in America? What do you believe the destiny of America might be in its present condition? What do you believe will be the final outcome for America? What is it going to take for America to open its eyes and wake up? We in America call upon the God of heaven yet we serve the God of this world. Then we have the impudence to curse God for not answering our request to protect America from aggression. Those things that have come upon America is our own doing not God’s. We have turned from the God of heaven and now serve the god of this world and we can expect to receive our just reward. We must realize God’s word tells us plainly, "Be not deceived, God is not mocked, for whatsoever a man sows that shall he also reap."

When looking at America’s current condition we clearly see America has become subservient to sin, of evil, of selfish ambition. We sit back and mock all that is good and sanction to all that is evil.

We now believe evil to be good and good to be evil. It does not take a rocket scientist to do bad things, but does require integrity, honesty, temperance, honor, morality and respect to do good things. Today in America we follow after that which is corrupt, believing there is greater gain and pleasure in corruption than in righteousness.

In serving corruption, adultery, divorce, fornication, sodomy (homosexuality), drunkenness, abortion, lying, deceit, manipulating, pornography is to mention but a few. Our fleshly appetites not only deceive us but destroy our soul and our nation.

These fleshly appetites are running rampant, hypocrisy is gaining strength within the churches; there is very little commitment to marriage; many have mistaken lust for love. We have left God’s established authority concerning family, husband, wives and children of which God placed on mankind for a reason. We have allowed our children to rebel against authority, against family and have allowed them to go their own way and by doing so they are destroying their on soul. Morality, commitment, truth and justice are no longer taught in the home. What good that is taught in some homes has been erased by our society outside the home.

There are more preteen and teenage pregnancies than ever in the history of America. Abortion is accepted as normal and we fail to know because we did not take the time to learn, abortion was taught to mankind by demonic forces 6,000 years ago.

We have lied to one another so often we no longer know the truth. Challenge: Throughout your day, count the number of times you lie no matter how minor, because a lie is a lie no matter the size. Taking this into consideration, Satan or the devil is the liar and has been a liar from the beginning. At the end of the day run a tally of your lies, by this you will be able to judge yourselves and know who your teacher is. There are many trying to beat the system by getting free money from local, state and federal government, this is how many make their living. They live off the tax dollars paid by those who actually work for a living. If we cannot accomplish getting free money, we attempt to hold our employer accountable for our actions and believe our employer owes us more than a paycheck.

America is walking in deception and will suffer the consequences of her own actions. We in America follow the pleasures of this world. We follow our own lusts and corrupt our own soul. What we are preaching from the pulpit is that which has been determined by man to be true, this by private interpretation of God’s word. What truth has been preached is soon forgotten not taking root because we choose not to accept the truth. The proof of this is evident within our society and the fruit it bears. In reality, truth comes by the Spirit of God and not by the interpretation or what is believed to be the meaning of God’s word.

True ministers of righteousness do not preach what people want to hear, they preach what people need to hear. If the word of truth is rejected, so be it, the blood is no longer on the hands that preach truth. If our preaching is motivated by monetary gain, take a seat you are already deceived.

Judgment has come to America and will accomplish its purpose. If we walk in unrighteousness, we can expect to be judged. Judgment comes to those who have rejected the truth and have exercised their right to be judged. It is true the fruit of God’s Spirit is kind and gentle, but we must understand, what we sow is what we will reap. If we believe we are truly going to trodden under our feet the blood of Jesus Christ and expect no retribution, we are sadly mistaken. We in America have fallen prey to the schemes and wiles of the devil and we will receive our just reward. The last trumpet has begun to sound, we have entered the third day; it will behoove America to pay heed to the call. As in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the last day, Noah preached while others mocked until the day Noah entered the Ark and the door was closed. When the door is closed, no one enters in. America and all those who have mocked God I say repent, or suffer the consequences of your own actions.

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