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Activities in the Messianic Kingdom will be normal like eating, drinking and so on

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Q. In Luke 24 Yeshua appears to the apostles after His resurrection and said he was "flesh and bone."

After the resurrection will glorified bodies have blood?

A. In 1 Cor 15.50 it says flesh and blood will not inherit the Kingdom of God.

The term "flesh and blood" is an idiom meaning "the carnal state, mortal, subject to death."

In other words a man in his fallen state will not inherit the Kingdom.

The Bible does not state all the capabilities of the new, glorified body or exactly how it will function.

Secondly, the Bible doesn’t state whether it has blood or not.

Some teach that glorified bodies will not have blood based on Luke 24.39 where Yeshua appears after His resurrection and says that He is "flesh and bone."

He is saying He is not a ghost or a vision but literally standing before them with flesh and bone they can physically see and touch.

His choice of words is alluding to Genesis 2.23 where Adam "falls asleep" and out of his side his bride is created and he sees her for the first time after he "wakes up" and says she is "bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh."

Yeshua dies (falls asleep) and then resurrects (wakes up) then appears to His Bride(believers) and says the same thing.

Paul says Adam and Eve is a picture of Messiah and His Bride (Eph 5.31).

Just because Yeshua does not mention blood does not mean He didn’t have blood.

(He is alluding to Gen 2.23).

Remember, Leviticus 17.11 says that "life is in the blood."

It is the "carrier" or "operator" of the body, especially the brain.

At times , the physical is not subject to the Laws of Physics.

Phillip was physically transported from one place to another in an instant, Peter walked on water and so on.

If God can do that with a physical body He can make a glorified body function any way He wants.

The scri ptures clearly teach we are returning back to the original creation.

We will have full, capable physical bodies that God originally designed.

The difference will be that new life, energized by the Spirit of God will course through our veins, the very life of God and we will operate at full capacity.

Yeshua appears in a locked room (Luke 24) but that doesn’t mean He won’t use doors.

There will be doors in the Messianic Temple and Ezekiel 46.1-8 describes one He will use. The original body was "very good" before the Fall ( Gen 1.31) and it certainly had blood. Activities in the Messianic Kingdom will be normal like eating, drinking, building, farming and so on so there is no reason to think glorified bodies will not have blood and you certainly can’t find anything in the Bible that states specifically we won’t have blood.

I hope this answers your question.

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