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The instruction Paul gave to the Corinthians had nothing to do with literal head coverings

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- Continued from last week

So it is a warning about going against God-given authority, especially in a family.

In v 13 he says we are to judge for ourselves as to whether it is proper for a wife to pray to God by going against her husband (uncovered).

He says even nature itself teaches us if a man has long hair he dishonors himself, but if a woman does it is a glory to herself.

In a spiritual sense it is the same way.

A husband who covers himself with any man-made institution or authority (long hair) dishonors Messiah but a wife who covers herself with her God-given "covering" (her husband) is doing the right thing because her glory (husband) was given to her, just like her hair in a natural sense. Her hair is a built-in "badge" of her femininity.

Paul concludes this teaching by saying if anyone wants to argue about what he is saying "don’t bother" because there is no other practice in the congregations.

So, in short, Paul is not teaching about literal head-coverings.

There is no Torah teachings about that.

But, there is plenty of teaching in the scri ptures (Gen 2, Num 30 for instance) about how a husband and wife are to relate to each other, especially in a congregational setting and that is what he is talking about.

Evidently the Corinthians were having some problems in this area very similar to what we experience in this culture today because our western culture is based on Greek thought as opposed to Hebraic thought and few husbands and wives today are taught God’s ways because we are not taught the Torah.

So, it was the same back then.

These people were coming out of a Torah-less society and Paul had to teach them the "traditions" (which in Greek is the word " Paradosis") which basically means "tradition by instruction based on the Torah."

These principles hold true for today also. A man is not to have any spiritual institution or authority over him other than the Messiah/Word of God and his wife should place herself under his authority and not rebel against his leadership in a spiritual or congregational setting.

Now if she believes he is wrong, she can submit him to his head (Messiah) in prayer and let God deal with him.

David did the same thing to Saul when he said he would let God judge between them, but he (David) was not going to lift his hand against him because he was his (David’s) authority as King and placed there by God.

This brings up all sorts of questions and scenarios, but that is the basic instruction Paul is giving to the Corinthians and it has nothing to do with literal head-coverings.

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