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Revival is started here - not the feel good revivals you see on American TV

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I am back in Nairobi after traveling all over the Western and Central provinces, preaching in a different church every day. I am impressed with the level of understanding I have found, even in the little churches that are way out in the bush, far away from the modern sophistication of television, busy streets and addiction to the latest fads. I have also seen a greater sensitivity to the things of the Spirit of God than what I have found in big, modern churches, especially in America. It’s as if Africans have in innate sense of spiritual sight and can see things clearly and more immediately than we can in the West.

My message has not been one of blessings, peace, and love; neither am I here to entertain them or make them feel good about themselves. My message is one of repentance and broken-hearted crying out to God to restore the church and send revival again. Immediately, they know I am not like anyone else, and they recognize the message as the truth.

In the early 1970’s, there was a supernatural revival here in Kenya that most of these folks only know about from the stories they’ve heard. When the revival died, the only thing they were left with was church, and for these younger ones, that is all they have known. But oh! Are they hungry for something more!

When I tell them the reason the revival died was because they had become excited with how wonderful the outpouring of the Spirit felt and how incredible all the miracles were. They became focused on themselves and the anointing that fell on them, but they forgot about lost souls and the price that must be paid to win them to Christ.

When you lose sight of winning souls and focus only on yourselves, you can no longer see the cross and you effectively turn off the faucet to the Spirit of God. The rain stops and all you have left is church.

They, like us in America, have been merely maintaining the status quo since then. The miracles have stopped, the best they have for an outpouring is some great song services, and the altars are left empty and bare. They have become a barren woman – a bride of Christ that no longer bears children.

At this point, you can always hear a pin drop in the room. They get it. They see. There has been a glass ceiling over their faith, and all of a sudden the glass has been shattered, and their hearts are wide open to hear the Word that God has for them.

As I walk them through my message of the four steps to revival, I can feel them soaking up every word, like sponges that have been so dry for so long. This is not the "feel good" message of blessings that they thought they would hear from the white man from America. This is the turning point of their Christian lives.

They come to the altar in repentance, crying out for God to pour out the Holy Ghost on them and their church.

The prayer lines are so intense that there is no way that God can’t hear. I watch as the Spirit of God descends on them and overwhelms them, flowing through them like the stream of God. Miracles happen, sicknesses are healed, chains are broken, spirits are set free, and the church breathes it’s first breath of revival in a generation.

But what about tomorrow? You can’t help wonder if they will still be as affected tomorrow as they were when you left. Will they slide back into their old cadence as before, or will they grab hold of the promises of God and fight for a revival?

It’s been over a month since I started, and I am getting phone calls and messages of how these churches – little tiny churches in out-of-the-way places all over Kenya – have reenergized, have turned up the heat, are out winning souls every day, and how the power of God is spreading in their areas. It’s working, it’s working, it’s working! The fire is starting to burn.

They have realized that the heartbeat of revival is not the feeling that you get when the anointing fills your church, but the souls that are won to Christ at the altar of repentance. It is the heartbeat of revival and the heartbeat of God.

I have repeatedly told them that if they get nothing else, they must get this one thing: the Gospel of Jesus Christ is not about you – it is about others, others, others. They get it. Like a blinding light bulb that goes off in their head, they get it.

I leave tomorrow for the Coast to bring this message to the last few churches on this trip. I don’t know what happens for me after this, but even if I never make it back again, I have seen the Word of the Lord reach deeply into these people’s hearts and start a fire that is beginning to spread like a wildfire in savanna of dry, dry grass.

It has begun. Revival is starting here – not the "feel good" revivals we see on American TV, but the real, enduring move of God that is focused on winning lost souls, not on how good we feel.

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