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Elijah said he could hear an abundance of rain

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"And Elijah said unto Ahab, Get thee up, eat and drink; for there is a sound of abundance of rain." 1 Kings 18:41

We are traveling throughout Kenya, visiting a different church in a different city every day.

We left Nairobi to preach in Nakuru; came here to Kisii and tomorrow we will be in Nyamira.

This is the way it will be for the next three weeks.

When we first come to a church, we are received warmly, but also with a certain amount of trepidation because American preachers have come here before and the TV is certainly flooded with them, so they have formed an opinion of us as being obsessed with blessings and prosperity and money.

They wonder if I am going to preach that same message.

Once they are reassured the message I am bringing has to do with repentance in order to bring a revival, they open their doors wide. They instinctively know the difference.

The pastors of the church I was at today had come out of such a deep pit of sin, Americans would have a hard time believing their testimony.

The pastor was a hardened criminal and his wife used to be a witch.

The particular type of witchcraft she came out of is so bizarre I would not have believed her unless all the people around me assured me these things not only happen in Africa, but are common.

Africa is a very spooky place.

But where sin did abound, Christ did much more abound and I could feel the difference as soon as I entered their church.

This was a place of serious Christians who rang out the praises of God loud enough to pierce the heavens.

They weren’t there to be entertained or appeased – they wanted to hear the Truth and they wanted to hear it straight.

Ahhhh. My kind of people.

Now there are times out here when I start getting worn out and begin to wonder what I’m doing.

Am I really making an effect out here? Will there really be a move of God as a result of what I am starting?

Or am I just kidding myself with wishful thinking?

I don’t know if Paul ever went through this stuff on his trips, but the hardest part of the mission can be exhorting yourself to keep driving your message home because God really is going to move.

But today was not such a day.

After driving home a message that challenged them, convicted them, embarrassed them, edified them and excited them, I brought the service to a close with prayer.

Within seconds, I could tell this was now out of my hands.

As the whole church began praying with such strength and conviction you could have heard them a mile away, the Spirit of God filled the room.

When I opened my eyes, I could see people contending with all their might in one corner, others on their knees with the faces on the floor and others marching back and forth crying out to God like warriors.

And then it happened.

It was subtle at first, but started rolling in like a river.

You could see people literally falling to the floor, overwhelmed by the Spirit of God, while the crescendo and tempo of the prayers increased.

We weren’t just contending to the Throne of God – we were walking up and down right before God Himself.

The Lord had taken over services.

It was so intense, I finally just went and sat down – I was done.

God was now in control.

This is Africa.

I will have more services just like this again and again throughout this trip.

It is impossible to describe what this is really like to those who are sedate and comfortable back in the U.S.

We have nothing like it – at least we haven’t in a generation or two.

So how do I paint a picture of what it is like in these Holy Ghost-filled services?

I don’t really know, so I just keep coming out here, preaching my heart out and watching as the Spirit of God prepares the ground in church after church for a revival in Africa which will burn so hot we will feel the heat around the world.

The Book of Joel tells us there will be one more revival just before Jesus Christ comes back to Earth, that it will be the greatest revival of all time and that the Christians will be the strongest Christians that have ever walked the face of the Earth.

I believe I am witnessing the beginnings of that revival.

Elijah said he could hear the sound of an abundance of rain.

I can feel it begin to sprinkle.

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