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There will be one last revival before He comes

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I am writing this after having been in Kenya for three weeks.

It’s been an intense schedule and I have not been able to keep up with all that has happened.

I have been to a different church every day and it’s getting to where I can’t remember what happened in which church during which service to whi-ch people.

Maybe I’m just getting old.

As I have done on previous trips here, I am coming with a message of revival I believe will start in Kenya and Nigeria and will be so explosive that the heat will be felt around the world.

Besides the things the Lord has shown me personally, it doesn’t take much to see these people are so ready for God to move in their country that I don’t see how He can refuse.

In the slums of Nairobi, they are so grateful to see a servant of God come to preach to them, that they hang on every word.

If it is encouraging, they cheer; if it is reproof, they take it to heart.

Their hearts are open and ready. And when it is time to pray, get outta the way!

Wow, can these people storm the Throne of God in broken-hearted repentance for them, their church, and their people – the kind of repentance that always precedes a true God-given revival.

Way out in the bush country of the Masai, they have a completely different demeanor.

This warrior tribe must be what the Greek Spartans were like – serious and strong.

No nonsense here.

These guys are so tough, lions are afraid of them.

I’m not kidding.

And I’ll tell you, just hanging around with them has made a believer out of me.

But at the same time, these are some of the most warm-hearted people I’ve met.

I love these people!

As I poured my heart out in preaching to them, they just sat there staring at me and I began to think I had really fallen flat in this service. But oh no.

Not only had they had absorbed every word, they were way ahead of me.

Their repentance didn’t have the loud excitement of their Nairobi cousins, but it felt deeper somehow and more serious and enduring.

Miracles of healing happened during that service that they accepted as something fully expected.

They lined up across the front of the church, so I anointed all of them with oil and then prayed over the whole bunch of them and bingo!

They got healed! Just like that. If the same miracle happened in one of our churches in America, we would be in shock from disbelief. Not them.

They were ready for whatever was next and to keep on going.

All this intense hunger for God on their part happens in spite of the fact that so very few have Bibles and most of the Bibles they do have are tattered and worn out.

We have handed out close to 600 Bibles so far and it is nowhere near enough.

Once you see the look on their faces when you have given them their very own Bible, it will change you forever.

It doesn’t matter what the cost is, you have to do this.

We’ve spent thousands so far, and we are only halfway through this trip.

Thank God for those who have selflessly given finances to make this possible.

I wish you could be here to see this.

There are no words to describe the look in these people’s eyes when you hand them the gift of Life.

At almost every church I go to, there has been an explosion, as if they have been waiting for a spark to set them off.

I thought they must have services like this all the time, but no, this is something special that is happening.

God is doing something here which runs deeper than just church, or having an exciting evangelist, or learning some deeper teachings – this is the very beginning groundwork of something very, very big.

A second Pentecost is coming will be much bigger than the first one.

There is a specific day God has planned when the match will be struck and the fire of God will burn across this whole region.

Before that happens, however, the grass has to become so dry it is like powder when you grasp it – so dry, when the match is struck, it will explode and a fire will burn so hot, we will feel the heat around the world.

The prophet Joel and the prophet Isaiah both agree there will be one last revival before Jesus Christ comes back and it will be the greatest revival of all time.

Time is running out and we have just enough time for one more supernatural move of God.

And it will start here.

How thankful I am to be here in the midst of this.

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