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Whoever tries to destroy the Jewish right to the Land of Israel already failed

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Q. I heard that the Jews today are not really Jews but Khazars. Is this true and if not, how did this get started?

A. The Khazars were a people located in southern Russia and they had a very powerful kingdom during the Middle Ages and some of the ruling class embraced Judaism around the ninth century. 

However, most of the population accepted Christianity and Islam. This kingdom fell to other factions and the Khazars intermixed with other populations and lost their distinctiveness. The Jewish population that remained were assimilated into the Slavic-speaking Jewish communities and later by the Yiddish-speaking immigrants of Central Europe. 

There may be a Khazar connection found among Eastern European Jews, especially those of Hungarian and Bulgarian descent although it is very insignificant due to intermarriage with Ashkenazic Jews. There is no way to get into all the history here but let’s get to the heart of the matter. 

Supporters of the lie that the Jews today are really Khazars believe that claim because they adopted Judaism. 

However, even if that were true, that can only be said of the Askenazy Jews which is only a small part of all the ethnic branches of the Jewish people. 

In reality, nobody can detail Khazar origins to the Sephardic, Temani, Mizrachi, Bukharan, Indian, Falasha and the many other branches that make up the Jewish population. 

So, whoever tries to destroy the Jewish right to the Land of Israel based on the Khazar connection has already failed because even if every Askenazic failed to be a true Jew, all the non-Askenazim Jews are enough to claim the Land of Israel. 

In other words, the claim by these people that the Jews today are not really Jews based on the Khazar theory is devoid of any merit because most Jews are not of Eastern European ancestry and did not have any association with the Khazars anyway. Israel is made up of Jews from all over the world and their claim of being Jewish and therefore having a right to the Land is legitimate and those that oppose that have another agenda, which is to claim the rights of the Jews for themselves.  

Q. Did Yeshua say the name of Barack Obama in Luke 10.18 and reveal to us the name of the false messiah?

A. No, but many use theological tricks to make it sound that way, but let’s look at the verse. Yeshua says that “I saw Satan fall like lightning from Heaven.” 

Now, he is talking about Satan’s fall due to his transgression but some today think it refers to the President, They say that Barack means “lightning” and the O is a vav and said like a “o” or “u” and that “bama” means heaven. 

So, they say that Yeshua said “I saw Satan as Barack Obama.”  Now, that is what I referred to as theological trickery and here’s why. First, the President’s name is Barack, it is Swahili and Arabic in origin meaning “blessed” not lightning. 

In Hebrew/Aramaic lightning is said like “b’rak” (one syllable) and probably the language Yeshua used and does sound somewhat like Barack but not exactly. The vav in Hebrew/Aramaic does not sound like a “u” or “o”  unless it is a vowel sound as a part of a word. 

Also, Yeshua said he saw Satan fall “from Heaven” which is “shamayim” not bama (heights). 

Why do people say that Yeshua said “heights” and not “heaven?” The answer is because “B’rak Mi Shamayim” does not sound like the name of the President and people attempt to twist the words of Yeshua to make it so. 

This kind of thing is being passed around as something prophetic and true but it it is nothing but another twist of the truth to fit a religious agenda and people should investigate things like this before it is passed on as something that has any merit.  

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