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The virgin birth and grace

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Do we truly understand the virgin birth of Jesus Christ? The virgin birth of Jesus Christ is the very foundation of God’s Grace and salvation toward man. If we do not believe in the virgin birth of Jesus Christ, we are worshiping God in vain. 

If we believe that Jesus Christ was conceived by mortal man, we are worshipping the wrong Jesus. If Jesus Christ were conceived by mortal man, Jesus Christ would have been born in sin, abiding in death as all that were born since the fall of man. 

There must be a pure and undefiled seed to redeem man from sin and death. This seed is Jesus Christ that was foretold from the beginning. (Genesis 3:15)

It is the righteousness of God that was conceived by God in the womb of a virgin. We must understand, Mary was a virgin selected by God and of the seed of David to bear the Son of God. Mary, a virgin during the conception (the creation of the seed) and was a virgin during and at the time of the birth of Jesus Christ. 

The carnal mind cannot understand the conception and birth of Jesus Christ, but by the Spirit we know and understand. 

We are drawn to God by the Spirit of God and it is by faith we receive and it is by faith we grow in understanding. 

We must have faith and the Spirit of the living God abiding within us to continue in understanding and to grow in the Lord. We cannot grow or understand the things of God without the Spirit of God.

Our only hope and reconciliation to God is through Jesus Christ the only begotten Son of God. Jesus Christ was conceived (created in the womb) of a virgin by the Holy Spirit and was born pure and undefiled. 

It is the conception, sinless birth, pure and holy life, words of righteousness, persecution of Jesus Christ, the shed blood, death, resurrection and ascension into to heaven of Jesus Christ that justifies those who believe and accept Jesus Christ as Savior.

Jesus Christ is God’s grace and greatest gift to humanity. We must understand, God’s grace does not give us permission to sin or to live in unrighteousness. 

God’s Grace frees us from sin and provides for us a way of escape, not that we should continue in sin. 

As long as we have free will choice, we choose daily who we will serve, the path and direction our life will take to include our ultimate destiny. 

Understand, the fruit of the Spirit must be present within our lives as a testimony that we have the Spirit and have been cleansed by the blood of Jesus Christ. DO NOT take this lightly; if we do not abide in the Spirit and bare the fruit of the Spirit we must consider our walk with Jesus Christ.

The single fruit having the greatest impact on our lives is that of love. In that love and a critical attribute of that love is temperance (self-control). Without self-control we will be self-driven and falling prey to every doctrine and temptation of the flesh and of man. 

We are in a spiritual warfare and if we are going to win the battle we must abide in Jesus Christ and walk in holiness, Jesus Christ is our strength. Let us not break fellowship with God by sin or by our free will choice to disobey God.

To help us understand grace, God’s grace has given no person permission to violate his commandments. God commanded that we do not steal. 

Do we now steal and believe we are justified in stealing by the grace of God? God commands that we do not commit adultery. Do we now commit adultery and believe we are justified by God’s grace? 

I think not, how can we abide in darkness and say we have fellowship with the light? Light and darkness cannot occupy the same space. 

Jesus Christ has provided the only way to escape sin, death and darkness; however, we must walk in the light as he is in the light to have fellowship with God. If we abuse God’s grace, we have done spite unto the Spirit of grace and have brought Jesus Christ to an open shame. What do you suppose will happen to those who have abused the Son of God? Repent. 

Those that believe are the temple of God, lively stones built into a “HOLY” temple as the dwelling place for God. Know this, the temple, our body, must first be cleansed by the blood of Jesus Christ before the Spirit of God will dwell in the temple. After the temple has been cleansed, God will come and make his abode within the cleansed temple. At this time we will have departed from death and entered into life. The spirit of death of which we all abide from birth departs and the spirit of life enters into us, we will have been born again, of God’s Spirit, the Spirit of life.

If we are not walking after the Spirit or are not walking in the light, if we have not accepted the virgin birth, if we are not abiding in Jesus Christ, we must repent, accept Jesus Christ as the Son of the living God, turn from sin and walk in the light as he is in the light and continue in holiness. When we walk in holiness we will have fellowship with God and with one another, there will be peace within the earth. Let us not walk as others do in hypocrisy and pretense but let us walk in holiness, truth and sincerity. I pray all will be pricked in their heart and turn to the living God and live. Have a joyful holiday season keeping Jesus Christ above all others.

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