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There will be many who survive the Tribulation to be brought to the Lord for judgment

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Q. I have been told that there will be no “giving of marriage” in the Messianic Kingdom. Is this true? Are there going to be married couples in the Kingdom?

A. Let’s define some terms and look at this question in an eschatological manner. We are living in a period called the Olam ha Zeh or “this present age.” 

This period will go for 6,000 years from Creation to the Rapture of the believers on Rosh ha Shanah, year 6001 from Creation. 

The next time frame will go 1,000 years and this period is called the Atid Lavo, or the coming age. After the Rapture, there will be a period of 10 days where the 144,000 will leave the United States and return to Israel and the United States will be attacked by Russia and destroyed. 

Europe, realizing they are in danger, convenes a meeting with their leaders and hands power over to a leader who will turn out to be the false messiah. All this will happen within 10 days of the rapture. 

On the 10th day, it is Yom Kippur and the false messiah will sign a treaty with Israel to protect them. This starts the seven year Tribulation period.

After seven tears or 2,520 days. Yeshua the Messiah returns to Jerusalem on Yom Kippur and destroys the enemies of Israel. He will accompanied by all the believers who were resurrected and changed at the Rapture. 

They will go into this Kingdom on Earth with glorified bodies but they will not be given in marriage. 

Then there is a five day period from Tishri 10 to 15 when the nations will be judged in Jerusalem. There will be many people who will survive the Tribulation period and be brought to the Lord for this judgment. 

The first group judged will be those who did not believe during the Tribulation. They will be killed and their bodies cast into the Hinnom Valley.

Then those who believed during the Tribulation will be brought to the Lord. 

They will enter the remainder of the 1,000 year Messianic Kingdom with their physical bodies. Depending on their age, these are the ones who will be given in marriage because they will have physical bodies. Some will get married and have children during the Kingdom period. 

Then, their parents will die and those children will get married and have children and so on. In this way the Earth will be repopulated. 

When the 1,000 years have been completed, the people who have lived and died during the Kingdom will be judged.

Those who did not believe, along with every unbeliever who ever lived will be judged at what is called the Great White Throne. 

They will go into the Lake of Fire. On the other hand, there will be those who are believers but are still in their physical bodies at this time and they will receive glorified bodies just like the believers did when they were resurrected and changed at the Rapture a 1,000 years earlier.

The period after the Atid Lavo or the coming age is called the Olam Haba, or the World to Come. It is the “8th” day, if you will, after the the 7,000 years (Eschatological Sabbath Week)  are over.

Everyone who is a believer will have a glorified body by this time and there will be no marriages at this point and no children will be born. It is possible that whoever told you that there was no giving in marriage confused the Atid Lavo with the Olam Haba, or the Messianic Kingdom with the World to Come.

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