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Satan’s tactics are lying, cheating, stealing, psychological warfare

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This week we are going to conclude our look into the question about the Image of God. 

As we talked about before, the ultimate plan of God is the “unification of His Name” (Zech 14.9) and there are many teachings out there on this subject. 

This has been symbolized in such ways as the union of the heavens and the earth in which the “evil or mixed realm” is removed, Ezekiel’s Temple is established, the Messiah has returned and the marriage of the Messiah to his bride. 

If we understand this concept of the “unification of His Name” we will better understand prophecy and the Book of Revelation. 

In short, Satan’s plan is to thwart this “unification” and establish his own name. 

We see from scripture that he has had many attempts to stop what God was trying to do and become “ like the Most High” (Isa 14.14) and “displaying himself as God”(2 Thes 2.4).

In warfare, strategy is how you win a war, tactics is how you win battles. 

We know Satan’s strategy is to stop God from the unification of His Name and all that it implies. 

His tactics are lying, cheating, stealing, counterfeiting and overall psychological warfare. 

But, whatever Satan does serves God’s purpose so we should take heart that the Lord is in control and His ultimate plan to conform us into His image will not fail. 

At this time, however, God’s “shekinah” (God’s presence in the world) can be “seperated” or in “exile” in a way because man disregards the Torah. 

This is especially true with Israel. 

The tactics and what Satan really does can be seen in the historical enemies of Israel from Amalek to the enemies of Israel today (Ecc 1.9). 

We see God’s Shekinah, Kivod, and Ruach departing at various times due to the people and their apostasy. 

The result is greater power to Satan to deceive many and many hearts to fail. 

But, in the end all this will be positive in that the Messiah arrives. 

A picture of this can be seen in many parts of scripture but one of the most important ones is Leviticus 13 and the teaching about a leper. 

Biblical leprosy is not what people think it is today. 

This was an affliction sent by God called “tzara”at” so the person with this skin disease was called a “metzora” and he was to see a priest, not a doctor and was not treated with medicine. 

Tzara’at could also come upon houses and clothing as well. 

We know that a metzora is ritually unclean and was not to have contact with others, was put out of the camp and so on.

But, when the tzara’at covered his whole body he is declared clean. 

This teaches that when Israel is in a similar state of uncleanliness (whole) another “priest” (Messiah) will come and declare them clean due to their faith in Yeshua. 

In the same way, any sinner who knows that he is completely lost can come to the Lord and be declared “clean” but we must acknowledge we are a complete sinner. 

If we make excuses or blame others for our sins then we we are not “clean,” just like the metzora is not clean if he has some tzara’at on him. 

Only when he is completely covered (or completely admits his own guilt) can he be declared clean. 

Then we are ready to be conformed into His own image, unity is achieved and we can help bring “tikkun olam” (repair to the world).

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