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The Will of God

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Understanding the Will of God

God is serious about mankind and mankind must take God serious. We must be serious concerning repentance and submitting to the will of God, submission not for God’s benefit, but for ours. In order to abide in and obey the will of God we must understand the will of God. The will of God should be evident and the answer is simple, God’s Word is God’s will, God’s will is God’s word and is life to those that hear it. 

Furthermore, if we do not know the will of God, how can we obey and abide in the will of God? How will we know the will of God if we do not seek God? How can we understand the things of God if we have not the Spirit of God? The flesh cannot understand spiritual things and the carnal mind is enmity, hatred and hostility toward God. We must stop attempting to understand God in the flesh and stop attempting to make God a carnal God. God is Spirit and it is the Spirit that gives life to the word, it is the Spirit that teaches truth and light, therefore we must walk in the Spirit to understand. 

It was the disobedience of mankind toward God that separated mankind from God in the beginning. It was mankind’s curiosity and disobedience and ability to be deceived that placed mankind in their current state of affairs. Mankind was separated from God until the time of Jesus Christ who is our reconciliation and mankind will remain separated from God abiding in death unless they repent and obey the will of God. 

The Lords Prayer

Why do we pray if we are not going to obey? Why do we pray if we are not going to believe? Let’s review a portion of the Lords prayer. Jesus taught us to pray saying, “Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be your name. Your kingdom come, your will be done in earth as it is in heaven… when Jesus taught us to pray, it is by this our understanding is opened. God’s will (resolution) will be done in earth as God’s will is done in heaven.

Now, the will of God will be done in earth when we submit our selves to God. When we pray we must pray believing according to the word of God, the word of God is the will of God. Jesus also said, “If you abide in me and my word abides in you, you shall ask what you will and I will do it.” When we abide in Jesus Christ in obedience, Jesus Christ is the word of God and the word of God abides in us, we will pray in righteousness according to the will of God and will not pray amiss or selfishly.

When we pray outside of the word of God, we are praying our will and not the will of God. When we pray our will and not the will of God, we become angry with God because our prayers were not answered, because we did not get what we prayed for and then blame God or turn our back on God. We will not receive from God those things that we pray for with the intent of consuming it after our own lusts and desires, to the satisfying of our flesh or those things which do not please God.

When praying God’s will, if we do not believe what we pray, why do we pray? After we have accepted Jesus Christ and submit our will to the will of God, we will pray according to God’s purpose, ask according to the will of God, walk in holiness and have faith in God that he will do as we ask.

Our Father


Our Father in heaven becomes our Father when we have been born of God, being born again of God’s Spirit. We pray our Father who art in heaven when we becoming a child of God after the Spirit of God and not after this world. We are accepted by God as adopted sons when we accept his only begotten Son. We abide in death from birth and if we abide in death, death has no part with God and we do not abide in God nor can we call God Father. To shed more light on this, Jesus rebuked the Pharisee by saying, “You are of your father, the devil”. The devil being the father of lies and in this it will determine who we serve.    

Life has no part with death, truth has no part with lies, light has no part with darkness and sin has no part with righteousness, therefore God can have no part with us until we are reconciled to God by his Son. Jesus Christ is our reconciliation to God and is the key to our relationship with God the Father.

God is a Holy God and if we are to know God we must walk in light as he is in light and in holiness. We cannot walk in darkness and say we know God. God sent his Son as a final sacrifice reconciling mankind to himself. If we have not the Son, we have not the Father; the Son is the way to the Father. When we accept and believe on the only begotten of the Father we pass from death into life and become a child of God.


The Kingdom of Heaven



We must understand God’s kingdom, the Kingdom of Heaven is here and now. If we are to operate in God’s kingdom we must abide in God’s kingdom beginning by our obedience to God. The kingdom of heaven is not meat or drink, the things of this world, but peace, joy and righteousness in the Holy Ghost. If we have not received the Holy Ghost, then we are not abiding in the Kingdom of Heaven. The Kingdom of Heaven is not of this world, therefore we do not serve the things of this world, but we serve the living God and Father of all creation in word and in deed.

The world cannot understand nor can they know the things of God, they are foolishness to them. But to those that believe it is life eternal. We must separate the carnal from the spiritual and is evident in this, the carnal or worldly must see in order to believe. In Jesus Christ the spiritual we must believe in order to see.

By faith we believe and by faith we see. As it is written, faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. This is referring to the ways of God and not the ways of the world. Without faith we cannot see and without faith we cannot please God. It is our faith in God that pleases God, not blind faith, but having faith in God’s word which is the will of God. 

All Things Obey God, Save One

When we pray, we must pray the will of God. We cannot pray the will of God if we do not know or understand the will of God.  We must understand that in earth as it is in heaven does not mean we stand idly by and watch the world turn, believing everything that transpires on earth is God’s will and that God is in control. Concerning mankind God is only in control of those things mankind allows him to control, mankind still has free will. Understand God gave mankind free will, dominion and control over the earth.

The things that were set in motion before the creation of man all obey God, the creation of the heavens, the universe and the world all obey the will of God, without fail. The sun rises in the east, sets in the west, the moon orbits the earth in different fazes, the stars and planets are in place consistent in nature, the cycle of  plant life and vegetation all obey God, even the animals know to abide after their own kind.

Mankind is the one major factor that disobeys God. If mankind does not submit to the will of God, mankind is not in the will of God. If we as mankind do not submit our will to the will of God, we continue in the ways of the world and God is not in control. When mankind submits their will to the will of God, we abide in God and conduct ourselves according to the ways of God.

Remember what we pray, “thy (God’s) will be done in earth as it is in heaven.” The will of God is not accomplished as long as mankind in their freewill choice chooses to operate outside the will of God warring against God. If we are to see the works of God, mankind must submit to God according to the word of God and in Spirit.

Abiding in the Will of God

To abide in the will of God, we must understand, we cannot abide in the will of God without first being reconciled to God. If we are not reconciled to God we cannot abide in the will of God for these reasons, we do not belong to God, we do not understand the things of God, we are walking in darkness, walking after the flesh and are lost in the midst of a dieing humanity, a humanity that has rejected God and his Son Jesus Christ.

Our obedience to the will of God begins by accepting the will of God. It is the will of God that no one should perish, that all mankind should come to repentance. If we do not repent, we will perish. God’s plea is clear and continues toward mankind by his ministers, Apostles and Prophets. The plea is simple, repent to escape the soon coming destruction.

We must repent; ask God’s forgiveness and to forgive; believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and our reconciliation to God; we must believe in our heart that Jesus Christ rose from the dead; we must turn from sin; we must turn from the ways of the world, then by freewill we have the ability to walk and abide in the will of God.

Understand, God provided the way of escape because of his love for mankind; all we must do is accept it. But never take advantage of God’s love by making mockery of his saving grace by willful sin. It will have been better for us to never to have known God.

God Will Not Control Mankind


If we believe that God is in control of every action of mankind we are sadly mistaken. If every action by mankind were God’s will, mankind would not have freewill. If every action of mankind were in the will of God, there would be peace and tranquility upon the earth, no war, no murder, no hate, no lying, no adultery or fornication, no divorce, and no drunkenness. We would all love one another and we would abide in bliss.

The freewill faith in God by mankind is the one thing that motivates God. We must believe in order to receive divine intervention and protection of God from those things soon to come upon the earth. We must abide in the divine providence of God, which is to say in the will of God. God will not hinder the free will choice of mankind nor will he stop the free will choices made by mankind. He did not interfere with the freewill choice of Adam who sinned against God. God did not interfere with the freewill choice of Eve sinning against God and sinning against her husband and God will not interfere with mankind’s freewill choice today. We must choose who we serve. In choosing whom we serve we also choose our own destiny.

If mankind chooses to serve sin, God will not interfere. God has already done his part, now we must do ours, that is to say have turn from sin, have faith, accept and believe. The weakness of mankind will be the demise of mankind, the lust of humanity, the greed of humanity and coveting after riches of this world, that is to say, the lust of the eye, the lust of the flesh and the boastful pride of life. The choice is ours and we must choose wisely or suffer the consequences.

Serving God

There is only one way to serve God and that is in truth. Mankind believing and following lies is the very reason mankind is in their current state, apart from God. We must choose daily who we are going to serve, to serve light or darkness, to serve good or evil, to serve Spirit or flesh, to serve God or Satan, we must choose this day who we will serve. To abide in the will of God, we must serve God, walk in the light, do that which is good, walk in the Spirit and obey God. God is light, God is good, God is Spirit and God is God. When we serve God it will be on his terms and not on our terms.

God’s plea is that mankind will come to him, to know him, to serve and obey Him. This plea to obey is to save us from death and the eternal spiritual flame. God desires fellowship with his creation but we must submit to God’s will to accomplish it. We must bring this flesh into submission of the Spirit. If we chose not to submit to God’s will, but rather chose to serve the flesh, we will suffer the consequences of our own actions, of our own choices and that will not be pleasant.

Before we decide on a questionable act, we must ask ourselves, is this something God would do? If it is after the world or after the flesh, the answer is simply no, God would not do this. If we continue in sin, if we continue abiding in the ways of this world, if we continue serving the flesh, we are not in the will of God. It is better for us to obey the will of God and live than to disobey God and suffer the consequences of eternal death.


The Puppet Master


If freewill were to be taken away from mankind, then we would no longer have the freedom to choose, we become puppets. If we become puppets we can stop seeking God because God would be in control. God would pull strings and we would have to accept that God is in control of every move we make. God would be in control of our fate, our fate would be sealed regardless of what we believe. Serving God would have been in vain since our fate is sealed and God is in control.

However, we are not puppets and God has given mankind freewill choice. Our free will choice is to accept Jesus Christ in order to know and have fellowship with God. God desires sons, not slaves. God desires that all men everywhere repent. God’s word is clear, it is the will of God that none perish, but that all should come to repentance. God has provided the way of reconciliation and salvation through Jesus Christ. If we reject Jesus Christ, we are rejecting God, if we reject God we are rejecting the word of God, if we reject the word of God we are lost and without hope and we will suffer for our rejection of God.

It Is the Will of God...

It is the will of God that we cease from sin. It is the will of God that we mortify the deeds of the flesh and walk in holiness. It is the will of God that we do not return to sin(s). God set us free from sin by the blood of His only begotten Son Jesus Christ, God did not give us the freedom to sin by the blood of Jesus Christ. How can we being sons of God serve God and by the same token be servants of sin? Remember, light and darkness cannot occupy the same space at the same time. If we return to sin, it is as it was written, the sow returns to her wallow in the mire and the dog returns to her own vomit.

Do we believe it is the will of God that we willfully sin? Do we believe it is the will of God to crucify His Son Jesus Christ afresh bringing him to an open shame? When we willfully sin after coming to the knowledge of the truth, we bring the Son of God who died once for sin to that open shame. What do you suppose will be the outcome of those that have done despite to God’s Son and the Spirit of grace?

Change Will be Evident

We must understand when we submit to the will of God, when we are saved our actions change, our life and life style changes. We no longer live after corruptible flesh, fulfilling the lust of the flesh, but we walk after the Spirit. If we walk after the Spirit, we will not fulfill the deeds and lust of the flesh. It is the will of God that we bear good fruit and walk in righteousness. It is the will of God that we do not serve the world or walk in the ways of the world.

If there is no change in our life, if there is no change in our life style, then there has been no change in us and we continue as we were. When we accept Jesus Christ we can no longer live a life style contrary to God, we must cease from sin, turn from sin and be cleansed of sin. We must understand, God is a Holy God and because God is Holy, we must be Holy. As God has said, “be Holy for I am Holy”. If any man preach otherwise, from such withdraw your self. We cannot take that which is Holy and cast it to the dogs.

When there is a life change, there is a change in the fruit we bear. We no longer bear thorns and thistles of lies, adulteries, fornication, murder, hatred, unrestrained, violence, ill-will, theft and so on, but bear the fruit of righteousness. The fruit of righteousness and of change is evident in this, love, peace joy, goodness, faith, longsuffering, temperance, gentleness and meekness. The followers of Jesus Christ are known by their fruit.

The Warfare

 If we have not entered into the warfare of the flesh warring against the Spirit, we have not set ourselves to walk in holiness. Remember the flesh wars with the Spirit and the Spirit with the flesh because they are contrary to one another. We have not yet entered into the warfare of the blood striving against sin in order to walk in victory. We have not yet submitted to the will of God. Even though we are in a battle, our victory is in Jesus Christ and while in battle we have inner peace.

We must learn to submit our will to the will of God. Even David prayed to God, “Teach me to do your will” to give him victory over his enemies. In our battle, our enemy is the devil, the flesh and sin. By submitting to the will of God, God will give us victory over our enemies. If we do not submit to the will of God, we cannot question why our victory did not come.

If God were to give us victory while we yet continue in sin, this would imply that we may continue in sin and God would continue to give us victory. We cannot have victory over sin if we continue in sin. God will give us victory over sin; God will not give us victory in sin, after the flesh or in darkness.

Many expect God to give them victory in battle while they continue in willful sin, walking in darkness and refusing to walk in the light. When victory does not come they have the audacity to question God when they are defeated in battle. Understand, in God there is no darkness and in order to have victory over darkness we must fellowship with God in the light as He is in the light. We must fight the good fight in order to have victory. It takes an effort on our part to walk in holiness, to submit to the will of God and to obey God.

Victory in battle does not come cheap; it will cost you your life, we are no longer our own to do as we will, but to do as God will’s. We must crucify and mortify the deeds of our flesh and cease from sin. When we are fighting a battle that we cannot defeat and give it to God, we must let it go. If we do not let it go we are still in control and God can do nothing. When we give God our battles and defeats we must give it to God and let it go in order for God to be in control. Our victory always comes at the end of the battle.


If you do not seek God you will not find God because you are not looking for him. In seeking God do not seek God after the traditions of men, but as an individual. You must seek God with is sincere and pure heart, believing. 


If we in our hearts have truthfully been reconciled to God by the blood of Jesus Christ, it will be confirmed in our actions and our walk in life. Our own actions reflect the truth about ourselves. If we desire to know the truth about our self, we must evaluate our self; however we may not be happy with what we find. We then must correct any error and walk in holiness. If we have truly been saved we will obey the will of God according to the word of God.

Know this, all were born in sin and must repent. If you do not know God and desire to know him or have known God and fallen away, right this moment, get on your face before God, pray, repent and ask God’s forgiveness. Pray in your own words from your own heart believing and receive from God. A cleansing by the blood of Jesus Christ will take place, you will be buried with him and raised in newness of life and you will receive the gift, peace and joy of the Holy Ghost. When you do, you will tell the world about Jesus. Tears of joy will flow and you will know you have been reconciled to God. You will become a member of a heavenly body, the Body of Christ and receive the power to obey and abide in the will of God. Amen 

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