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God is love, but God hates sin

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God is love and we must understand, love is the greatest gift given to mankind, is the highest act or greatest deed that can be performed, love is the most powerful operation in all creation. Love changes the heart, love changes the mind, love changes lives and love destroys sin and death, love is life.

God loves all humanity regardless of race, ethnic group, where we came from or who we are born to. When we were born into this world, we did not choose where, when or by whom we would be born. It is what we are taught and what we learn after we are born that determines the manner of person we will be and how we move forward in life.

There are many that have created discord and animosity within the body of Christ because of race or ethnic back ground. These are those that walk not after the love of God, but after the flesh having ungodly intent.

Animosity and discord within the body of Christ must be expunged and the body of Christ must walk in obedience to God by loving one another. As the body of Christ we must reflect God’s love to the world and to abide in the Spirit of holiness, if we are to continue in holiness.

Understand, we did not die for the sins of humanity, it was Christ that died for the sins of humanity rather rose from the dead and we must cease from impious judgment.

While we were yet sinners God loved us and sent his Son to die for all humanity. God did not send his Son into the world to die for one person, but for all humanity. Who are we to judge according to skin color? Whether white, black, yellow, red, olive, brown or even to shun or to show partiality? This issue is not God’s problem, but is very much God’s concern. The root of this issue remains on mankind.

We must recall and consider what kind of person we were before Christ came into our life, before God in his love and mercy saved and changed us? Were we not yet sinners as those are that we now judge? Where we not lost in a world of iniquity? And now we become self righteous because we have Christ in our life? What kind of believer have we become? I thank God that his love for humanity is greater than our love for one another. Let us not walk in hypocrisy rather be grateful that God has shown his love toward us enabling us to walk in that love.

There is not Jew or gentile, there is neither white or black or brown or olive skin, there is neither bond or free in Christ, in Christ we are a spiritually body and must conduct ourselves as the body of Christ.

If we as the body of Christ continue to spiritually separate and divide the body, where is the body? If we have not the love of God in unity we continue to walk in darkness after our own lust and desire.

As the body of Christ we must crucify these differences and walk in unity of the faith and Spirit, be one, walking in holiness in the love of God.

Know this, we are not at war with one another, we are at war with sin and fleshly deeds. We do not fellowship with sin, but we do fellowship with one anther in godly love. Let us not therefore go before the Lord with unclean hands.

God’s Love Chastises

When we error in faith, God continues to loves us, even so, we are not to continue in that error or sin. Understand, God corrects us when we error, not for his pleasure, but for his love for us. Love is not always soft and gentle when correction or discipline comes. Chastisement is a part of love and we must understand when God administers chastisement it is because he loves us, not only as individuals, but as a member of the body of Christ. When one member is in error, the whole body will suffer.

The body of Christ must be in unity and a body abiding in holiness, "Be holy for I am holy, says the Lord." When we receive correction count it all joy that the love of God rest upon us.

Correction from God is for our good and not for God’s pleasure. Let us not error from the truth.

Even though Gods love for us is greater than what we could possibly perceive, God’s love does not condone sin nor does God’s love give us permission to continue in sin, God’s love frees us from sin. When we have received knowledge of the truth, when we have accepted the truth, we should no longer be servants of sin.

How can we continue in sin and be a servant of righteousness? How shall we abide in the righteousness of Christ if we continue in sin? If we willfully sin after receiving knowledge of the truth we bring Christ to an open shame, do spite unto the Spirit of grace and make mockery of God. How do you suppose God will deal with those that have put his Son to an open shame? Read Hebrews 10:26-31

As the body of Christ we must cease from sin and walk in holiness. God in his love for humanity provided the way of righteousness, and we must abide in the way of righteousness. We must put on the new man that is after Christ and walk in newness of life. God has done his part, now we must do ours.

What is Sin?

Sin is that which separates mankind from God and the vile corrupt acts of darkness. Sin is a destroyer of the soul, a curse on mankind, by the disobedience and free will choice of mankind. Mankind’s disobedience to God was the beginning of sin and that same sin continues today.

Sin stems from breaking Gods spiritual and moral commands and laws; all unrighteousness is sin; sin is a transgression toward God and toward each other; sin is disobedience to God; sin is spiritual death and eternal separation from God. Mankind will become that which they serve.

God Hates Sin!

Even though God loves us, God hates and detest sin. Sin is the force behind the destruction of all mankind. Do we really need to ask why God hates sin? Do we really understand why God hates sin? Do we not yet know the consequences of sin or the origin of sin?

God hates sin for this reason; sin separated mankind from God and from the fellowship with God. God desired fellowship with mankind from the beginning, that fellowship was broken from God because of man’s free will to disobey God and follow sin.

Sin is the very reason mankind abides in darkness, in their current state of affairs and in their present condition today; sin is a destroyer of the soul, a hindrance to life and a barrier to the spiritual blessings and fellowship with God.

Redemption from Sin and Death

Because of God’s love for humanity, God sent his only begotten Son Jesus Christ as the final and ultimate sacrifice for sin, reconciling mankind to God. Without the undefiled conception, the sinless birth, the sinless life, the shed blood, the sacrifice of the Lamb of God, the death and resurrection from the dead by Jesus Christ, mankind cannot be reconciled to God nor can mankind have fellowship with God. Light and darkness, sin and righteousness cannot fellowship together nor can they abide in the same place at the same time.

Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and is life. Jesus Christ was born of the pure undefiled seed of God. The seed of God was spiritually planted within a virgin, a virgin who was undefiled by man. Without the pure undefiled seed of God being born into the world, mankind would continue in sin without hope.

The seed of man was and is corrupt from the beginning, a curse placed on mankind by mankind. All humanity is born into sin at birth. For this cause God had to send his Son of an undefiled seed to redeem all humanity from the curse of sin and death.

The seed of sin and death will reap corruption, corruption reaps corruption. The seed of truth will reap righteousness. If Jesus Christ had been born of the seed of man, all mankind would remain in their sin, because Christ would have been born in sin as all other men. There would be no hope for the redemption of mankind. Corruption in any form cannot redeem humanity.

Jesus Christ the righteous was not born of the corruptible seed of man, Jesus Christ was born of the incorruptible seed of God. Do we fully understand the impact and importance of the conception and virgin birth of Christ?

Jesus Christ is the door to the kingdom of heaven and the only mediator between God and man. Mankind will continue in sin and in sin they will die, they will abide in spiritual death separated from God for eternity lest they repent.

It is not difficult to understand the importance of God’s grace and the birth, life and death of Jesus Christ? Without Jesus Christ we cannot fellowship with God. God does not fellowship with darkness and until we accept Jesus Christ, we abide in darkness. Jesus Christ is the light of the world and has defeated sin and death.

If we say we have fellowship with God and walk in darkness we are a liar and the truth is not in us. Jesus Christ overcame all things, fulfilled all things, fulfilled all the law which mankind was unable to do and fulfilled all prophecy as to reconcile humanity to God. Mankind cannot redeem their self by good works; mankind is born in sin and must be sanctified from sin. If we do not repent, we will not be cleansed or forgiven, we will remain in sin and in death. This is the very reason God sent his Son giving humanity a way of escape.

Sin and death reigned on the earth from the beginning until the time of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God the Father, was sent by God to heal mankind and to deliver mankind from the curse of sin and death reconciling us to God. Without repentance and believing on Jesus Christ, there is no redemption.


If you desire scripture reference, please read Genesis and Matthew 1:1 thru Revelations 22:21. To understand what you read, you must have the Spirit and must abide in the Spirit, pray for understanding and search the scriptures under the unction of the Holy Spirit. We must be diligent in seeking God.

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