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Obama has 2 tasks: eliminate the Shi'ite threat & Zionist threat

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A few weeks ago I went to hear Avi Lipkin speak about Iran and a possible attack and he said some very interesting things.

Mr. Lipkin is an Israeli and he speaks in synagogues and churches all over the country on the Middle East and what is going on.

In this article I want to present a few things he said and a few things to watch for.

The subject of Iran caught my interst because Iran plays a role in the last days and the Tribulation period and I wanted to hear what he had to say.

He said there are five reasons why there will be a war with Iran.

President Obama’s job is to take out the rogue nations like Iran, North Korea and Israel and so the first reason for war with Iran will be to take out their nuclear threat by overthrowing the current regime then hand over control to a U.N. force.

They will not attack the reactors but gain control over them.

Secondly, they will liberate the Iranians. They like the west and they want liberty.

Third, a war which gains control over the oil in Iran will help the economy and bring down oil prices.

They have to come down and this can be done by taking Iran, taking control of the oil and bringing the prices down.

To help President Obama, this will have to be done soon to save him in the coming elections.

He needs a miracle and a victory in Iran could do it.

Fourth, there is the Sunni-Shi’ite struggle within Islam.

This goes back centuries.

After Mohammed died, Islam was ruled by three caliphs who were Sunni moslems.

They were seen by many as rich and decadent.

A blood descendant from Mohammed arose by the name of Ali and he led the Shi’ite faction and fought the Sunni’s over control of Islam and who should guard the Qa’aba, or the black box in Mecca.

He had two sons, Hassan and Hussein.

He united the poor and downtrodden to fight the apostate Sunni’s.

So, the Sunni’s were the rich, decadent wing and the Shi’ites were more of the poor and downtrodden.

This battle still goes on today.

The United States is allied with Saudi Arabia, who is Sunni (rich), and they are at odds with Iran, who is Shi’ite ( poor).

Obama has two tasks. First, eliminate the Shi’ite threat (Iran) and then eliminate the Zionist threat (Israel).

There is much evidence, according to Lipkin, to suggest that Obama is a Sunni Moslem and that is why he bowed before the King of Saudi Arabia.

The king is considered the religious leader of the Sunni’s and is obeyed by all Sunni’s and it is possible that they see Obama as the saviour of the Sunni’s and has a mandate from his religious leader to use his position to "save the Sunni’s."

The last reason that there may be a war with Iran is the upcoming elections. Obama must have a miracle to save his political career.

The United States will not allow a strike onthe reactors in Iran but a ground war against the Shi’ites is possibly being planned right now.

A helicopter crashed recently in northen Iran killing six Israelis who they think were preparing for just a war. What were Israeli’s doing there?

They were part of a multi-nation coalition that includes the United States, Great Britain and Russia that will participate in this invasion.

By securing Iran, they eliminate the nuclear threat, gain control over the oil and the prices and everybody wins. But this will have to be carried out soon for Obama to benefit and so this will be something to watch.

What is interesting is how this fits into Bible prophecy, especially Ezekiel 38 and 39 and the coming Russian invasion of Israel. Well, if Russia participates she will have a foot into Iran, and Iran comes with Russia to invade Israel (Ezek 38.5) so this may be how Russia does it.

Anyway, it was a very interesting lecture and there are things going on in the world , all according to the plan of God. As believers, we must be aware of what is going on around us and how world politics will shape up. The heart of the king is in the hands of the Lord and what Mr Lipkin says may or may not happen, but it’s always good to hear the informed opinions of others. But, we must be diligent and keep watching the signs of the times.

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