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Constitutional Thinking: Watching our representatives

Many uninformed Americans, mainly Democrats, union members, communists, illegals and others celebrated their future demise along with ours with their international workers May Day celebrations ... Full story

Last Updated: 05/10/2013 12:00:00

Simply Speaking: That time of year...

This time of year for armchair sports fans brings us to the beginning of baseball (and softball) season along with the NBA basketball playoffs. So, ... Full story

Last Updated: 05/02/2013 23:51:00

Letter to the Editor: The Punishment of the Income Tax…

Now that Tax Day has come and gone, a day that to most taxpayers is a day reviled, we should discuss and learn what it ... Full story

Last Updated: 05/02/2013 23:51:00

Return the night meetings

Our county commissioners meet twice per month on a regular basis, once at 10 a.m. and the other-until recently- at night (6:30 p.m.) It was a ... Full story

Last Updated: 05/02/2013 23:50:00

Constitutional Thinking: Unraveling tales of terrorism

Hey America, it’s time to wake up, time to discover the truth!  We have work to do.  Our lame-stream corporate media is not going to do it ... Full story

Last Updated: 05/02/2013 23:50:00

Talking to children about the bombings

Submitted by Rita Hodges, Ellis County Extension Agent The bombings in Boston evoke many emotions-shock, fear, anger, helplessness, anxiety, grief and sadness. Children struggling with their ... Full story

Last Updated: 04/26/2013 12:49:00

Simply Speaking: No longer a Christian nation??

‘President’ Obama announced, some time back, that America is no longer a Christian nation. In the first place, why would he make such a statement?  Well, ... Full story

Last Updated: 04/26/2013 12:49:00

Constitutional Thinking: Patterns of terror

The recent tragedy in Boston brings to mind problems America still faces, but has not solved over the past twenty or so years. You would ... Full story

Last Updated: 04/26/2013 12:48:00

Demagogue-in -Chief

Yesterday watching the demagogue-in-chief do his thing about the failure of the Senate to pass legislation he wanted passed made me so angry it hurt. ... Full story

Last Updated: 04/26/2013 12:47:00

Constitutional Thinking: Are we all in 4th grade?

Once again, National Sheeple Day has come and gone. I am talking about the infamous April 15th date of course. That is the day the ... Full story

Last Updated: 04/17/2013 22:48:00

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