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Letters to the Editor: Some things the media doesn’t usually report about veterans

The press has done a very good job of reporting about the challenges our veterans face.   We all have read or seen stories about our ... Full story

Last Updated: 11/06/2013 22:57:00

Guest editorial: Retaliation

The county commissioner’s court are clearly retaliating against Sheriff Johnny Brown, R-Midlothian. Brown has been spectacular with his “new Philosophy” for a growing county: cutting ... Full story

Last Updated: 11/06/2013 22:56:00

Letters to the Editor: Mumbo jumbo, smoke and mirrors, crab-walking, crawdadding and endless rhetoric

Call it what you will, our elected officials have no interest in the needs of the American people or our Constitutional Republic form of government. ... Full story

Last Updated: 11/06/2013 22:56:00

Simply Speaking: Golden nuggets

Out of my little home library, a small pamphlet found its way into my hands entitled “Jonah – The Whale – and the Scientists.” Within ... Full story

Last Updated: 11/06/2013 22:55:00

Constitutional Thinking: Resolutions - 2014

It may be a little early to talk New Years resolutions, but the coming year will be, in my opinion, so critical a year in ... Full story

Last Updated: 11/06/2013 22:53:00

Letters to the Editor: 'No to Wendy, No to Murder'

Wendy Davis wants to be Governor of Texas. She is the Pro Choice person who filibustered the Pro Life bill at the Texas Capitol. She ... Full story

Last Updated: 10/30/2013 21:41:00

Simply Speaking: Vote 'No' on Proposition 6

Texas politicians, and those simple enough to believe them, are lying about Proposition 6, set for the Nov. 5 election.  Legislators and state agencies are not ... Full story

Last Updated: 10/30/2013 21:40:00

Constitutional Thinking: Manipulating our future

One of these days, Americans are going to have to open their eyes and admit that we are being manipulated into responses the big money ... Full story

Last Updated: 10/30/2013 21:39:00

GUEST COLUMN: Let’s serve Veterans as well as they have served us

Daniel M. Dellinger During the recent government shutdown many numbers were thrown around. But there is one number that stands out and it has nothing to ... Full story

Last Updated: 10/30/2013 21:38:00

Simply Speaking: Long-hidden truths

Sure, so my forte is not in the language skills, nevertheless, it’s challenging, even thrilling, to try and unravel the original meaning out of words ... Full story

Last Updated: 10/24/2013 12:45:00

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