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Constitutional Thinking: Using our 10th Amendement

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Last Saturday was a very special day for Texas and America. While you had burgers cooking on the Barbie, almost 500 Americans took time out of their Labor Day weekend learning how to skewer Obama and his run-away totalitarian garbage train.

The six hour marathon "Nullify Now" learning experience, starting a national tour, was sponsored by a coalition of groups ranging from the Texas Tenth Amendment Center, the Dallas, Johnson and other county Tea Parties, 9-12 Groups, the East Texas Constitutional Alliance and more.

Scott Theatre in Fort Worth rocked as people learned the Tenth Amendment still stands and it not only can be used to defend our freedoms, it has been used. The amendment states, "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."

Here are some examples. Remember the National ID President Bush wanted to ram down our throats?

This "your papers, please" deal reminiscent of Soviet or Nazi days was blocked in 2007 when citizens of Maine stood up and said NO, and the feeling spread across the land to 37 States.

Oklahoma stood up in 2008 and led the way for the country with the First 10th Amendment Resolution. Randy Brogdon, Oklahoma State Senator and author or the resolution, was one of the speakers along with Representative Charles Key. Many states have now come on board with their own resolutions.

In 2009, with Obama and Congress talking more gun control, Montana stood up for a Firearms Freedom Act telling the Fed’s that firearms manufactured in Montana were beyond their control, etc. Now, eight states have joined them and more will be joining.

Congress and the Supreme Court made many mistakes from our founding until 1912, but during the terms of Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt, the wheels started to wobble on the Constitutional wagon.

During FDR’s term, a farmer was found guilty of growing too much wheat on his farm and having the nerve to "sell" it. The Fed’s came after him and his farm and the case (Wickard v. Filburn) was decided in favor of the government in 1942 by the Supreme Court!

From that time until 1995, The Supreme Court did not challenge the federal government use of the "commerce clause" in a single case. While our boys were off fighting the Nazi’s, the Nazi’s in Washington D.C. were destroying the back yard. Our current Congressional leaders, like all socialist, still want to use the commerce clause.

Keynote Speaker Thomas Woods, author of "Nullification: How to Resist Federal Tyranny in the 21st Century" and praised by everyone from Judge Napolitano, to Walter Williams and Barry Goldwater, Jr. explained how the ideas of nullification developed from 1800 to 1898.

Under the stewardship of people like James Madison and Thomas Jefferson, the Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions came to life (read them: constitutionalsolutions.org).

Woods explained we need to follow Jefferson’s ideas today even if news anchors like Kati Couric or Senators like Mitch McConnell (R- KY) are against it. He said, "They think your place is to listen to a pretty political speech and stand still while they stab you in the back." That is the tactic used by most of our politicians today.

The leaders of the Texas Conservative Coalition pointed out how 11 Republicans sold out the party to put in a liberal speaker that has blocked most of the good bills.

Texas Representative Steve King said that "if you want to get out of the trap, you have to let go of the cheese." No liberal, republican or democrat, will ever let go of free cheese.

A Pass Act, which is Real ID on steroids, is now under consideration, but we have to remember and never forget, the States are more powerful than Congress! One honest voice, one right idea, can make a difference.

We have to not be, as Thomas Payne said, "summer soldiers" but get inspired like George Washington’s troops were after listening to Payne in 1776.

Two days later they "Crossed the Delaware" in the dead of winter and after having lost five battles in a row to the British, they won a major victory that turned the tide of the Revolutionary War. What will We Texans do?

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Jacob Stanley 09/11/2010 14:18:25
"While you had burgers cooking on the Barbie, almost 500 Americans took time out of their Labor Day weekend learning how to skewer Obama and his run-away totalitarian garbage train."

Just what America needs.More threats at "skewering" and less at actually bringing the nation together.You,Mr.Horning,obviously have no one suffering right nowAs a teacher in several South Dallas County schools,I see it every day as my kids and their families are unable to make ends meet-with the moms and dads all working,as well as the older kids.No health care,barely able to keep the electricity on...and "Constitutionalists" like yourself would like to take the little help we give them away....until YOUR family is affected.Well,idiots like me will continue to work towards an America that all can prosper in.You continue to tear us apart-we'll still help you when you need it.
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