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Simply Speaking: ET’s among us

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Just as a precautionary column, shall we say, let’s go a little way out into the field of UFO’s; extra-terrestrials, if you will; illegal aliens of a different kind. Might want to get your Flash Gordon spacesuit out of mothballs and see if it still fits…

We have finished reading "Apollyon Rising 2012" by Thomas Horn, and have passed it on to friends having questions about December 2012, UFO’s, extra-terrestrials (ET’s), etcetera. The book really stirred up my curiosity, so I ordered Horn’s 20-CD album entitled "Official Disclosure, Prepare for Contact" compiled from Horn’s "Raiders Live Newstalk Radio" programming.

Among others, the album contains interviews with ex-government agents, world-famous field investigators, physicists, and theologians. Horn says the truth revealed exposes a reality so astonishing that the personal destiny of every man, woman, and child may shortly be impacted by it.

Most of the interviews were with people I don’t recall hearing of but, honestly, who remembers the names of…or even studies up much on the works of government agents, field investigators, or physicists, maybe even theologians these days?

I had, of course, heard of and read Tom Horn and Gary Stearman from "Prophecy in the News" (remember the Stearman aircraft, of which family Gary is from?). Chuck Missler (a genius, I have heard) sponsors Steeling the Mind conferences…and we’ve attended several of those. None of the genius, however, has rubbed off on me…unfortunately.

Well, back to the flying saucers.

According to some of these experts, ET’s already are among us, probably not recognizable by ourselves as ET’s. Lord Martin Rees, president of the Royal Society and Astronomer Royal, announced that aliens may be "staring us in the face" in a form humans are unable to recognize. My mind immediately conjured up Washington, DC’s population. Yours too?

Uncle Tom Wright had a field hand back in the 40s and 50s, below Five Points, named ET. ET was not a spaceman, but he sure could pick cotton.

According to some of these experts, alien abductions are not a seldom-occurring incident, rather happen in the hundreds of thousands, even millions of times right here in America, continuing to the present, as startling as that may seem. We’re talking human abductions here.

Secular experts mostly say once this occurs and you’re in their grasp, there’s no getting out.

However, a big science fiction fan, happened onto a book about Roswell, NM, thinking it was just another sci-fi publication. As a result he got hooked on UFO’s and began researching the subject, along the way evolving from being an agnostic to a New Age adherent, then finally to a born-again Christian.

Joe Jordan is this gentleman’s name, Web site is: alienresistance.org/aodWaroftheWorlds.htm. Upon becoming a Christian, Jordan’s research shifted a little.

Upon listening to a man who had been in the process of being abducted, and hearing how his petition to Christ Jesus, in the midst of the abduction, freed him from the dilemma completely and entirely, caused Joe to investigate whether this had occurred before.

His investigation turned up that, indeed this had been the case on many other abduction attempts, but had not been reported due to how the scientist or investigator reporting the incident thought his credibility in reporting the incident would be received at the scientific community level.

So, to make a much longer story shorter, if you or your loved ones become the target of ET’s attempting to abduct, insure now that you are His, improve your relationship with Him and, for goodness sake, call out to Him and be rescued. Otherwise, you may well become a captive and lose or give away your eternal hope and guarantees.

By the way, these ET’s are either little green people from way out in space who are oodles and gobs ahead of Earthlings…or, they’re various manifestations of Fallen Angels, who are also oodles and gobs ahead of humankind. I believe the latter is the case.

The Bible does say that in the End Times, Earth shall once again become as it was in the days of (Noe) Noah. We’re getting there and the ET’s are one strong confirmation.

May Yahweh God bless through Yeshua, Christ Jesus, King of the Universe.

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