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An unlimited Treasury Department credit card

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It occurs to me that Barack Hussein Obama is particularly tone-deaf or not especially attuned to ordinary Americans. Think about how this guy is on an unlimited open-checkbook account thanks to the American taxpayer. He can decide when and where he’s going to go and doesn’t have to ask or tell anyone why.

He does, however, have to drag a lot of company along with him so travel arrangements can be, how shall I put it politely, expensive. How can anyone be so callus as to deny him the private time to unwind? To have a little R&R, so to speak? Now, would anyone deny the first lady a similar pass? Rank does have its privileges after all, even if that rank is only by marriage.

I was listening to WBAP in the morning a while back and the host, Hal Jay, wanted listeners to call in and complete the sentence, "It’s hotter than _______." There were, obviously, a lot of them that weren’t fit to be put on the air, but the one that really cracked me up was: "It’s hotter than Michelle Obama with an unlimited Treasury Department credit card." Sad to say but that’s pretty much on the money. No pun intended.

So, even a tone-deaf guy like Barack Hussein Obama can write a hot check on an unlimited bank account, and so can Michelle who totally believes there can not be enough for them. Look no further than her big spending which threatens to cost that unlimited credit card a lot more than the $216 she paid for two Egyptian cotton dresses in that cute little boutique she ran across while strolling in Marbella, Spain.

One political strategist commented her blatant extravagance plants a seed in the public consciousness that the Obamas aren’t like the rest of us. Now, that’s not a good thing for people to think of someone in his position, especially when everyone else is rocked by hard times.

Someone commented that Michelle Obama has eight vacations taken or planned during the summer which will hardly allow time for her to unpack her Egyptian cotton dresses before taking off again on another trip. One of those vacations is to the Florida coast, hopefully demonstrating to everyone what a terrific vacation the Redneck Riviera can be for the ordinary working stiff. From there, why it’s off to Martha’s Vineyard to rub shoulders with the "beautiful people."

It’s pretty clear the White House isn’t too enamored with Michelle’s trips because the New York Daily News calls her a latter-day Marie Antoinette. After all, she did send a cake to her husband who was hanging out on his birthday raising money with old pals in Chicago. They did put the spin on it that she is a private citizen; she was on a private trip, and is the mother of a daughter on a private trip. All of which is true, except for the fact that we, the hard-working taxpayers, have to pick up the tab for a large portion of the expense of that private citizen’s private trip.

Take for example the airplane dispatched by the U.S. Air Force to take them, her staff and security detail, which included 70 Secret Service agents, cost us $178,000. Then there was the 14-car security convoy that followed them everywhere they went. In exchange, they are paying $7,400 each for the equivalent of two round-trip first-class airline tickets, baggage fees included. I’d say they got one heck of a deal!

All of this is merely more evidence of the Obamas’ disconnect with the America they just don’t get. Nor, I fear, do they like very much. After spending the summer demonizing "the rich" while Material Girl uses her unlimited Treasury Department credit card, one has to wonder if Barack Hussein Obama and his administration don’t have the motto "let’s get while the gettin’ is good." Or, as Marie Antoinette allegedly said, "Let them eat cake."

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David Bitrano 09/04/2010 12:33:31
You obviously didn't research very well.Please check this resource before drawing any conclusions.

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Julie Simpson 09/04/2010 18:49:43
I had no idea we had such a poor president before Mr. Obama.Funny how people chose to focus on Obama,while ignoring Bush.Reminds me of growing up in the 50's and 60's..prejudice is as rampant now as it was then.
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