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Constitutional Thinking: Attention homeowners

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As we head toward Labor Day, I thought it would be interesting to know how the day came to be and that as bad as it was when this day came about it’s nothing compared to what is coming down the track toward us now.

Wait till you get to the bottom of this article!

Pullman, Ill., a utopian company town, was founded by George Pullman, president of the Pullman railroad sleeping car company in 1880. Everything worked great until the Panic of 1893 when the economy crashed.

Due to the depression, hundreds of workers were laid off which in turn led to strikes, boycotted trains and unfortunately rioting, pillaging and burning of railroad cars. President Grover Cleveland sent 12,000 troops and U.S. Marshals to break the strike led by Eugene V. Debs, head of the American Railway Union.

In the end, several workers were killed (some say by friendly fire), and the union was busted, with Debs going to jail.

This basically ended industrial worker unions until the Great Depression. In 1920, Debs received almost a million votes for president on the Socialist ticket campaigning from jail.

To appease the nation’s workers, Congress rushed through and Cleveland signed the bill to create Labor Day. Unions went on to organize more than 50 percent of the labor force in the country, but today is only 15 percent.

Hopefully, today, we are all wiser, so instead of it being just a socialist holiday which I don’t want to celebrate, since socialism is always evil, we now recognize how important it is for all Americans to work together for our country to be successful. If you don’t feel that way, you had better wake up fast.

Why, because today, Americans are facing some of the severest challenges ever. In just over four months, we will be hit in three waves by the largest tax hikes in our history: 1. Expiration of the 2001 and 2003 Tax Relief, Personal Income Tax increases, Itemized Deduction phase out, higher taxes on marriage, family, savings, investments and even death. 2. Obamacare Tax – "Medicine Cabinet Tax," "Special Needs Kids Tax," and HSA Withdrawal Tax hikes.

Wave three will see the Alternative Minimum Tax hit 24 million more families, employer tax hikes, business tax increases while deductions are cut, and tax benefits for education and teaching will be reduced.

In addition, your employer will send you a W-2 for health insurance given to you by your company – it now counts as "income" to you. Do you like change now?

Now Obama wants into your home and business to hit you even harder with "Cap and Trade" or more realistically "Cap and Tax."

Government control of our lives goes to new heights, with energy businesses closing and your way of life changing as government "green goons" come to your home for inspections. Look for $650 billion in new taxes and one million lost jobs.

Worse yet, Cap & Tax is based upon fraud. Government schools brainwash your children with "Co2 is bad and causing global warming," but this is a lie and besides the biggest cause of Co2 is the ocean. We need Co2 for food.

Having been conned into having a license for their cars, boats and mobile homes, Americans will under H.R 2454 now need a license for their HOME!

The Congressional Budget Office (supposedly non-partisan) estimates in a few years, the average cost per family of four will be $6,800 per year.

It gets worse. You won’t even be able to sell your home unless you have the money to upgrade it to all the new "Green" standards which will automatically increase each year. Don’t worry though. All your thousands of dollars will get you a label to show off in your home. Who needed a bank account anyway.

You must do the research and spread the word nationwide. The bill has passed the House.

It may be brought up for vote in the Senate in September.

Will you let Obama attack your home? These Democratic idiots MUST be removed from office this November for this criminal activity.

If Republicans are elected and fail to do the job of reversing and not just softening all of this bad legislation, they will in turn feel the knife in 2012.

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Ellen Massaro 09/09/2010 11:57:57
This op-ed is pure hogwash. So much misinformation in it, I can only direct other readers to http://factcheck.org
Jill Martin 09/09/2010 23:01:25
Ellen-thank you for saying that so succinctly.Fact Check is an excellent resource.Thank you for sharing it-I've bookmarked for future reference.
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