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Simply Speaking: Slow to catch on

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Elected officials are slow to catch on to the will of the people, maybe because they do not want to do so. Perhaps it has been too true for too long that our tendencies were to elect officials and just let them go. Most elected ones prefer it that way, but it is not good for them or for the people to simply turn’em loose. To do so would subject them to getting an even worse case of elitism.

Elitism in officials always brings on an inevitable and unhealthy growth problem; government growth, that is. Yes, growth is a natural thing in God’s creation, but not everlastingly. We humans cease the macro-growth processes, mostly by the end of our teens; in other words by the time we’ve fully matured and lived about a fourth of our lives.

But government officials seem not to understand simple mathematics. Adding a percentage point here and another there to this tax and then to that levy, though promoted as tiny, mostly insignificant and as only pennies, tends to add up after endlessly going through this process for the umpteenth time. It’s as if officials lose sight of the fact we must divide our resources between the Good Lord, our family, government, and who knows what else. Any way you cut it, our total never exceeds 100 percent, while officials are more than happy to whittle away at it a percentage point at a time.

Government’s take has become too large a percentage and must be rolled back.

Much of America is currently working on how to combat this creeping socialism…but most officials are not happy with this turn of events, not in the least.

In traveling up to the Great Lakes area in Michigan last week, we passed through a suburb of Little Rock, namely Benton, Saline County, Arkansas. Picking up a copy of The Saline Courier because of its headline proclaiming Loud and clear, subheadline: Saline County voters say resounding ‘No’ to Fairplex sales tax; turnout sets record.

It turns out officials there, along with the Benton Area Chamber of Commerce, and progressive planners had been setting up for a 55 million dollar multi complex facility that would have replaced the current Saline County Fairgrounds.

An events center, equestrian-geared arenas, and related buildings, plus meeting facilities and, eventually, a hotel adjoining a convention center were being promoted, however, the Taxed Enough Already and Tea Party groups promoted against this project with billboards on major thoroughfares and other modes of informing voters about what was on the line, in order to get out the vote.

Something worked, as 22.5 percent of the electorate showed up, voting the project down along with its 1 percent sales tax by an impressively whopping 75 to 25 percent. In the past, these kinds of elections generally garnered no more than 10 to 12 percent of the electorate and usually are successes for elected officials, chambers, and progressives, whatever.

But (real) change is in the air and, as I said, elected officials and their cadre (or the cadre and their elected officials) are ever so slow in catching on to the will of the people.

For years, officials have been catering to the whims of the various governmental departments of their own and to those surrounding them, be it new vehicles, loaded to the gills, newest computer equipment, and the like, almost anything. Of course, exorbitant pay raises all around were in the mix on a regular basis.

None of the above had very much (or anything) to do with making our roads anywhere close to what they should be. I guess our jail is full of people mostly caught after they’ve done their dastardly deeds. Whether justice in our county is swift enough or not, I do not know for sure…yet.

Excellent roads and justice are two main prerogatives of the people, not spanking new government vehicles, offices equipped with the latest goodies, used mainly for the collection of taxes (in one way or the other), and pay rates better than those of the taxpayers paying those salaries.

Elected officials were not established to make more money than those they were supposed to serve. They were established to serve the people for a short time and then to get the heck (hell?) out of the way, go back to the private sector to have a taste of what they’ve wrought during their years in office.

Perhaps the day will come when the peoples’ choices at the ballot box will improve. Personally, I’m tired of holding my nose when casting a ballot. How about you?

May Yahweh God bless through Yeshua, the Messiah, who sits at his Right Hand.

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