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Opinion: Should there be a Mosque at Ground Zero?

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Melissa Pehle-Hill

Special to The Ellis County Press

This morning I woke up and turned on my computer and was assailed by multiple people from various different groups and individuals all expressing their dislike and outrage at the mosque being proposed to go near the sacred site of the disaster which occurred on 9/11.

And I think they are right.

The site where the atrocity happened on 9/11 is a place not just valued because Americans died there.

It is the place where America was struck by Islamic terrorists for the purpose of striking fear into the hearts of Americans and cause us to cower from them as they believe all infidels should in the path of their religion and their Allah.

On that day nine years ago, as one nation we watched the devastation wrought on an unsuspecting people by a treacherous group of detestable thugs in the name of a god that is most definitely not the God of the American people, regardless of what Obama likes to allude to in his speeches while bowing to their leaders.

With the dawn on the 12th day of September we stood as a nation and proudly proclaimed to the world that we would not cower in fear, that we would not bow to their god and that we would destroy those who would kill innocent civilians in such a heartless and brutal manner such as this.

The American people left no doubt that they were angry not scared and they called in one loud voice for reprisal against those who had committed this barbarous act. However, noticeably there was a large portion of voices missing from the cacophony rising all over the nation—the Muslims.

Not then, nor since, did the Muslim clerics and Imams stand against what was done on 9/11!

They have not condemned it, yet they have repeatedly tried to explain it away or excuse it in one way or another while others among them have killed Americans again and again—Fort Hood shooting is one example.

Then they come along and want to put one of their holy buildings near a site that for Americans is sacred.

Why would they want to do that and schedule it to open on the 10th Anniversary of the worst day in our lives as a nation since Pearl Harbor?

I can think of no other reason than that the entire plan is meant to insult us as a nation and honor those who gave their lives to attack the Twin Towers on that day rather than to honor the innocent lives who were lost.

To that end, let’s make a few comparisons to other memorials that would likely be as well received: a memorial to Hitler in Tel Aviv, a monument to Ted Bundy at any one of the college campuses his victims attended, a statue of Osama bin Laden at the site of the 9/11 devastation resulting from his orders!

Oh wait, they are trying to do that, just in the guise of a building where others bent on the same end to the United States will join together to plan that end!

This is way beyond appeasement in my opinion and anyone who stands for this mosque being allowed to desecrate Ground Zero should be run out on a rail—then we can put up a monument to that!

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Eve 11/01/2010 10:36:45
This is incorrect, sir. The truth of the matter is it is a community center and therefore isn't a problem.
Yes, it is an Islamic group that is building it (they've had the land since before 9/11), but they are not the terrorists of the Great Tragedy. They are Americans, like you, like me.
Yes, they will hold prayer there. However, the tenets of Islam (specifically, Salah) require five daily prayers, so do you expect them to pray in the street?
In the future, read beyond the headlines before coming up with your own opinion.
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