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Simply Speaking: ‘A Rare Diamond’

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Jimmie Simmons


It’s no secret Sarah Palin is a favorite of mine. There are reasons. Appearing seemingly out of nowhere in the 2008 Presidential Race, she converted a Republican nothing-campaign into something exciting, the vice president part anyway.

By the way, I read Palin’s book, "Going Rogue, An American Life" via CD, read by Sarah herself, and am thoroughly convinced she’s the genuine article, a rare diamond in the not-so-rough-at-all.

So there are points to be made with Sarah now in the national political mix. Although she’s a perfect match to the very conservative Republican Party Platform, we don’t hear the usual party ballyhoo coming from her. As a matter of fact, upon being elected governor of Alaska, her first meaningful acts were to clean out the poor excuses for Republicans who were in Juneau when she arrived.

Interestingly, Democrat leaders all over were thrilled with that version of Sarah Palin.

Then Palin took on the oil giants, more than once, some of which threatened to take her to court, she responded as knowing the way to the courthouse. Big Oil backed down. So, thanks to S. Palin, Alaskans now share monetarily in the natural oil wealth of their state.

These are not to mention her putting together the construction of a natural gas pipeline, the largest private construction project in the history of North America. Now isn’t that the right way to deal with unemployment, as opposed to artificially manufacturing new government (read Democrat voter) jobs?

In a nutshell, Sarah Palin, in her two and one half years as governor of Alaska, may even have out-shined Ronald Reagan, in his years as California governor. No other governor in America’s history even comes close. So now the Democrat leadership, along with all the various tentacles of the media industry, abhor Palin. Go figure, although it makes perfect sense, when you think about it...

So, using Sarah Palin as an example, let us look at some logical conclusions.

Since multitudes of Americans are finally waking up to the low down, underhanded, socialistic, even Marxist trends of things in our beloved country, would not now be the appropriate time to follow Palin’s lead in identifying the RINO, imitation, neocon, and other poor excuses for Republicans and throw them all out, along with as many other liberals of every stripe as is humanly possible?

That would be a first step, but certainly not an easy one. It will take our multitude of newly awakened Americans, working and voting in concert, to begin turning America around. The voting part must begin in November 2010…in earnest!

We have seen signs of our awakening in surprisingly Blue locations, such as Massachusetts, New York, and New Jersey, even California.

And, more friendly confines are on the march, such as Arizona and Missouri of late.

Make no mistake, we are in a full scale war, not with bullets or bombs (yet), not of invading Redcoats (1773), nor of invading Bluecoats (1861), but now it is a war between the Red and the Blue (states, counties, cities, right down to local precincts).

Sarah Palin continues to fight the good fight against seemingly insurmountable odds, but she is more than holding her own. Though we’ll not hear of (P)MSNBC’s Chris Matthews gushing, "I felt this thrill going up my leg," as he did after hearing an Obama speech, we must take that as good news.

Our battles in this hot political and moral war must begin at home in our prayer closets and on our knees. Then we will begin to replace the stragglers and worn out or no good politicians with fresh troops, if you will. These fresh soldiers will not be easy to find, kinda like looking for a diamond in the not-so -rough-at-all, but they must be there if we are to begin to turn around our precincts, our counties, our cities and states; and all of America.

November is key, even if we must hold our nose in the voting booth on a position or two. Eventually, we will be able to weed out those kinds…as did Gov. Palin in Alaska.

May Yahweh God bless through Yeshua, Christ Jesus the Lord.

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Lisa 08/28/2010 19:10:18
Sarah Palin is a neocon..hello? The only hope for the GOP is Ron Paul. The rest are theocratic, war-mongering, corporatist loons.
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