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Jon’s VU! Seein’ donkeys

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An ol’e guy I know had a problem, when he imbibed too much booze he would see things. His wife took him to the family doctor, who ask what he was seeing now? Donkeys, he said!! Of course the good doc gave him an expensive prescription and a talk about cutting off booze. When he came back the good doctor re-examined him……

See there, it takes so little to make an ole man happy! I was listening to Glenn Beck on Fox news. He must have read one of my old columns. He was explaining the difference between a Democracy what Washington politicians keep saying we have, and a republic, the one referred to in the pledge of allegiance. Since most politicians don’t seem to know the difference, naturally they don’t feel the need to serve the people they are supposed to represent. In a true Democracy, every one in the country would get to vote on everything including making congress work for minimum wages!

You know just what they are worth. Maybe seven dollars an hour! Of course, we would have to be fair and give them 50 cents for each hen they pluck!! Say. Democracy might be kinda nice. How would you vote on new air conditioning for Congress back room meetings? Yes, Democracy might be fun. The sad fact that we elect people to REPRESENT us who don’t know what the representative form of government and the difference of a true Democracy really is. Want some fun, little bird? Listen for your favorite politician to Say "We want to start Democracies around the world, just like ours!"

Just think of the fun we can have voting on every thing!! This month we vote on congress’s meals, choose between a happy meal and burger king jr. I guess that’s why we have a representative form of government. They get the steak and we get a happy meal! Now that is a representative government. Our representatives get to live like we wish we could!

Tell me, little bird do you know who your representative in the house, or your Senator is? If you don’t know, who will you hold responsible for the down fall of this country? Look in the mirror! It is you gentle reader. You, by your action or in action in the voting booth. Have you ever spoke up at a public meeting, a place where your vocal input was asked for, and where you might have influenced the passing of a law to stop the desecration of our constitution, flag and our homes!

Can you recognize the enemies of our country? I think some of them are hiding in our nation’s capital disguised as your representatives!

As the ole guy listened to the doctor’s reparative tirade about seeing things, the old man pointed to the window. "Look," he said. The doctor looked and there on his front lawn was a small donkey with a saddle, calmly fertilizing his front lawn. This is to show not every good story is a lie, and the ass’s fertilizing the hall of congress are not the riding kind!!

Just another of uncle Jon’s stories just meant to educate you, eradicate our enemies and help stop the fertilizer on our nations capital floor.

This is JON’S VU!!!


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