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Foolin themselves

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They just don’t get it. What’s worse, they don’t have any desire (or the nerve) to get it or to understand. Topping that, they would not understand, even if it were spelled out to them at the 5th-grade level. In other words, they don’t have a clue anything is expected of them other than business as usual.

However, in these trying times, what would once have been let to slide, can no longer be overlooked. If America is to be salvaged, it must start at home, and "We the People" are responsible.

What’re you talking about, Simmons?

Simply this; the Tea Party movement is going on two years old, millions of other Americans are fed up too, and the great preponderance of elected officials, again, don’t have a clue, have no resolve in common with the people, and certainly cannot connect the dots as to what their part might be in the current scheme of things. I’m not just speaking to the Washington and Austin side of things. As the Music Man might say, "We got troubles right here in River City."

Most officials have their needle stuck on getting re-elected, along with following directions from the Establishment, certain lawyers, certain higher officials in Austin or Washington, certain media outlets, from the NCTCOG (North Central Texas Council of Government), or from "how to" classes taken in Austin or College Station. The lone exception not getting elected officials’ ear, as has been the case for decades now is, yep, "We the People."

Oh, I realize these officials like to think they’re serving the people, but they’re just foolin’ themselves. Real 5th-graders are not so easily fooled… For instance, my infrequent visits to commissioners court always leave me with the impression of their being almost totally inept. That’s one reason I visit so infrequently.

On my last visit, Commissioner Sims nominated and later made a motion for the commissioners to approve a citizen-candidate living in the WISD to serve on the board of the Ellis County Emergency Service District #6 (ESD6). It’s a non-paying, time-consuming position, contrary to the position of commissioner, the pay-part, anyway…

Sims could not get a second from any of the other three commissioners, the first time it had ever happened in the court during Sims’ tenure…and Heath was not at all happy about it! About the only objection to Sims’ nominee seemed to be a mumbling reference, by Commissioner Dodson, as I recall, to the nominee’s having served in the leadership of TAGG (Taxpayers Alliance for Good Government).

This reference makes my point about elected officials not having a clue. Dodson and the other commissioners should be first on board for down-sizing government and cutting taxes, which were a couple of the things TAGG (and today’s Tea Parties) strongly represent, but to Dodson, it was (evidently) a big negative, that along with his (I think phony) concern for the candidate’s community standing.

Commissioner Robinson was, as usual, silent throughout the proceedings, and certainly would not go out on a limb to do something so bold as to second Sims’ motion. I’m sorry, but Robinson is a good example of the ineptness and lack of resolve alluded to earlier. Being a good guy or a Christian does not necessarily qualify one for elected office.

Commissioner Brown has been a member of this court for a long time, perhaps too long, as so often becomes the case when elected officials stay until they’re no longer effective (for the people). Brown probably should have seconded Sims’ motion, but instead, weakly brought up some other person he had in mind for the position…someone who’d already been approached and had said no thank you.

Perhaps Brown has lost touch, but I was told his nominations for these board positions seem to almost always be for former or retired firemen. Not necessarily wrong, but in a time when cities, counties, states, even nations are going belly-up, financially, firemen should fight the fires and citizens, focused on equipping those departments to do the job and, at the same time, keeping unnecessary and excessive expenses out of the mix should be the ones chosen.

Commissioner Sims’ nominee was a citizen of that kind. The taxpayers lose again…

May Yahweh God bless through Yashua, Christ Jesus, the Messiah.

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