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Is it funny?

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My favorite senator, from Arizona, said during a heated debate "A friend told me never wrestle a pig. You both get dirty and the pig likes it." Funny? I like it.

It is the sound of an old world war two fighter pilot still fighting, this time for his political life. A man who honorably served his country, and still serves.

I think the smartest thing the president ever did was to make Biden his vise president. No one wants to see him take over the president’s job. After big Joe is Nancy! Can you imagine either one running this country.

I think just when the president is going to get caught with his hand in the cookie jar, good ole Joe lets off crazy saying, "sorry, I just mis-spoke(lie) and I am not really sorry." Look at what the president was saying, or not answering. You will see the vice-president with one of his "gaffs," getting all the press and video time.

While the media forgets about presidential mis-speaking, mis-steps and concentrates on the laughable comments of the VP! I am one of the few people who listens to the presidents speeches.

When viewed in this context these remarks are still controversial, but not so funny! The VP is out of the political mainstream when the president’s run is over. He can pretty much say what he wants to, he will go down, forgotten.

How many vice-presidents do you remember? Only Dick Chaney. He pretty much supported George Bush and kept his mouth shut till now, then came up with some interesting statements with out the bleeps. For that we give thanks.

Our president has put up a real shield around his whole administration, with ungentle man Joe! I notice he has gone to the gulf to see the oil spill.

His real job to take away media coverage of the state governor, who is a pain in the posterior of the president by getting some publicity on his very rightful observation that instead of creating jobs, the government’s moratorium on drilling has cost thousands of jobs. Some now permanent.

Do you want a prediction? Next he will show up in Arizona! Does anyone besides me remember what the civil war was really about? When I was young the schools taught it was about STATES RIGHTS! It is taught now it was slavery, but that was only a part of the reason for the conflict.

I look for the vice president to arrive and explicit, bleep, bleep his way through any reasonable discussion and helping the state with its immigration problem. I think it is a shame that a state trying to solve a major problem has to fight an invasion of aliens, activist judges and our own government officials. I think every one who reads this should get on board and give Arizona a helping hand.

Remember your state may be next. What these people are bringing across the boarder is not just dope. What happens when someone brings a suit case full of a-bomb!

Just a thought. When you next hear from the VP, look to see what he is covering up. There are other vu’s but this is JON’S VU!!

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