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Standing by Arizona

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William Horning


Arizona is crying out for help in case you haven’t heard. On Tuesday, Aug. 24, the Republican primary will take place in Arizona. It’s John McCain vs. J.D. Hayworth. I know this is Texas, but we need to have a heart for Arizona in their time of need. What do they need?

They need our support to retire Senator John McCain from his position as one of the leading destroyers of America and the Republican Party. How he became the 2008 Republican Presidential candidate is beyond me.

I guess republicans must have overdosed on their prescription sleeping pills. J.D. Hayworth and the people of Arizona need our help and they need it now.

McCain was Mr. Amnesty in 2008 and he still is today in spite of whatever he might say during the campaign. A chameleon will change to any color needed to hide the reality from you. You see, John McCain seems to have a hard time answering questions and telling the truth. That happens when you are trying to cover up a lie.

It is almost impossible to get a straight answer out of him, in spite of his having a "straight talk express" bus for his campaigns. He even fudged when talking about Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan.

We Texans need to contact all our friends, relatives and acquaintances in Arizona to make sure they have the whole story about John McCain.

If we want to keep the Tea Party and Freedom Movement back toward constitutional government going, we need for the Constitution to be victorious on Tuesday, Aug. 24.

John must be retired to the desert. I think they have one in Mexico that’s available!

If John McCain gets the Republican nomination, it will be a signal that Americans are not really serious about the borders and the immigration problem, and prefer business as usual. It will show we are not even close to being conservative.

What are we conserving if armed illegal aliens come across the border at will? We cannot risk giving John McCain six more years with his finger on the American demolition button.

A McCain escape will show Texas politicians that "We the People’ will scream and holler a bit, but we won’t stay in the fight and get the job done. Rick Perry and the Texas Legislature will see in it, as their way of escaping the border/illegal issues also.

They are already woefully weak on border issues. If they’re not scared, they will do nothing.

Texans need to learn about the real John McCain instead of the hyped version. Go watch the three great youtube videos showing John McCain in the woodshed.

Search on www.youtube.com for: John McCain Woodshed.

McCain’s involvement in blocking searches for our POW’s destroys his claim of being a war hero. His involvement as one of the Keating Five in the Savings and Loan scandal shows his lack of ethics.

His receiving large contributions from George Soros and Teresa Kerry shows that while he admits he does not understand the economy, he does know where the money comes from. His support of KLA Moslem terrorists is scary. His military experiences as a pilot make you wonder if someone graduating near the bottom of their class should really be flying a plane.

J.D. Hayworth has signed pledges to work for no climate tax, to repeal Obama care, to support the 10th Amendment Center (state’s right), and to not request pork-barrel earmarks.

He has stated he will introduce a bill to secure a safe border, to defund ObamaCare, and work to check to see that all bills are constitutional.

He is not perfect, but I wish our Texas senators could say stuff this good. You can read about him at his Web site: www.jdforsenate.com.

Don’t allow Arizona’s progress and example for America to be voided.

The border is a disaster beyond belief. Do we want whole states to be off limits to Americans next?

With a record like John’s, he should be running for cover, not for office. Now is the time for all good Texans to come to the aid of Arizona! John McCain, you’re fired!

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