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Thats how the cookie crumbles

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Have you ever paused to consider how, on the one extreme, tyrants and tyrannical types manage, for instance, to raise colossal armies to fight, even to give up their lives on behalf of the tyrannical regime and their unjust causes?

I did just that as the three of us, including my grandson Kenneth Allen toured the Vietnam Veterans Memorial at Angel Fire, New Mexico last weekend.

Viewing a display citing the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese as being opposition armies, and thus responsible for the killing of 58,000 of our men and women in that conflict, I tried to explain to Ken how those foes operated and did their killing based on a buying-in of Communist and Socialist lies.

In all probability, certain of these Communist armies doubtless contained men and women who were a part of the killing machine, if you will, but who had not personally bought in on the Communist lies.

Nevertheless finding themselves in no position to refuse tyrannical edicts, they had to go out onto the battleground killing-fields and kill or be killed…mostly to be killed, if history is a good indicator of America’s enemies.

So, what’s new, Simmons?

We are aware God is on His throne and Satan is going about seeing whom he may devour.

That’s how the cookie crumbles.

What’s your point?

My main point centers on a concern for those who find themselves forced to support tyrants or regimes who they know to be wrong and illegal.

Get my drift?

In America, we are seeing, right before our very eyes, a mustering of forces which will eventually lead to that forced situation being imposed on those of us who are in agreement with the ideas and ideals espoused by the Founding Fathers and by God on His throne.

So how is this scenario being accomplished?

Many believe (know) our children and grandchildren, even countless of us over the past 50 years or so, have not been receiving what was required to maintain freedom and liberty from our schooling, especially from public education.

This lack has finally come to the point of manifesting itself at the ballot box, not only as demonstrated in the election of our current president and congress, but also in the quality of some of those selected as candidates running on the opposition political party ticket.

With revelations that the vast majority of current new employment has come about by the hiring of additional government employees, it comes as no surprise as to how the majority of them vote now and will vote in the future.

This hiring is no accidental thing and, of course, public education employees are themselves government employees.

Fortunately, public school employees are a form of government closest to us, thus the best government has to offer, so a significant number of them won’t vote right down the government line.

Thank you Lord! Unionism is on the rise and it’s no secret how that segment of society generally votes.

The automobile industry bail outs were not about its ownership, not even its investors and stockholders; it was about its union and about the buying of votes to maintain power.

Welfare checks and cards, such as the Lone Star Card here in Texas buy a lot of votes for certain ones in power, not because of philosophical agreement, but simply because of the "free goodies."

There are also those who may not receive the welfare perks, but believe in the redistribution-of-wealth philosophy, who supply votes for the socialistic and tyrannical types.

For lack of better phraseology, the "Yellow Dog" votes come in year after year, even though the philosophy and world view of their political party has shifted close to 180 degrees through the years. Go figure; that one throws me.

The above may be only the tip of the iceberg, but is fully enough for concern that we might not become, in the words of Pogo, "We have met the enemy and he is us."

May our God, Yahweh, bless through Yeshua, the Christ.

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