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Alarming e-mail

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An alarming e-mail was received recently. It was from someone whom I’ve gained a great deal of information from in the last few years, especially concerning future events, mostly from a studied and learned Biblical point of view seldom heard.

Now don’t go away because of red flags we’ve all been programmed to receive whenever we read or hear the word Bible, Jesus, Yeshua, or some other related "religious" reference. You’ll not be "preached to" in today’s column, though some of us might need it…

This man of intense study lives part of the year in the mountains of Northern New Mexico. He and his family live the remainder of the year in Southern Louisiana.

Though politics may be seen in this piece which you know I might not completely agree with, through a record of my past columns, the message intoto bears taking strongly into consideration.

Here is the e-mail message:

"To everyone who is watching, the world’s eyes are on Louisiana again. What you are seeing is not what this is all about. The same attitude and interference that went on with the federal gov’t during Katrina is happening again. The delays and lack of leadership are done on purpose.

"Today local civil officials from Louisiana testified before the Homeland Security Sub-committee. The outcry from the senators was for the military to take over. This was the same outcry from Bush during Katrina as he fought with the Democratic Blanco (governor during Katrina) Administration. During Katrina FEMA made things worse.

"Everyone here knows this yet it was not reported nationwide. Everyone now, especially the Liberal Media, is blaming it all on BP when the Coast Guard is in charge. The problem is the Posse Comitatus Law that was put on the books during the Reconstruction Years of the Civil War.

"President Grant sent troops to monitor voting stations and calls from the South said that they influenced the election. Google the Election of 1878 if you want to read about it. When the senators from the South arrived in D.C. they got this law passed which means ‘power of the county’ in English.

"It forbids the Feds through the military to come and take over civil authorities in the states. Starting with the Reagan years the Feds have been weakening this law. Its biggest attack came beginning in 1995 after the Oklahoma City bombing.

"Senator Joe Biden, who is now the VP, attempted to eliminate posse comitatus so the Feds can go after terrorists and not be slowed down by this law. He failed. It became an issue again during Katrina. On Oct. 17, 2006, just before the Dems were going to take back the Congress, and Bush knew it because of polls, he signed into law the John Warner Defense Act. Here is a link about posse comitatus that has the info on the Bush law: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Posse_Comitatus_Act

"They are after the Posse Comitatus Law. Sen. Biden who is now VP has been after it for years. The end game is martial law which we will see in preparation for One World Order as prophesized so many years ago. It doesn’t matter Repub or Dems it’s going to happen.

"There is a Shadow Gov’t as our officials have already lost our sovereignty to the International Banking System that is controlled by only a few. The debt tells you that. Proverbs tells us that the borrower is servant to the lender. It’s Washington’s little secret.

"Glenn Beck is the only one that I have seen that is closing in on the truth of this. I am amazed that they have not gotten rid of him yet. People in the oil industry will tell you that large supertankers with large vacuums pick up spills all the time. They could have been brought in right away yet the Feds stopped it and the blame is going to BP. I am a trader.

"I watch this everyday. BP has lost over $100 billion in market cap. Do you honestly believe that they wouldn’t want those tankers? The call for a military takeover is exactly what they want. Don’t be deceived by the rhetoric. There is a far larger issue at hand.

"Thanks to our Southern brethren, the Posse Comitatus Act is still on the books. What is going on now makes the Health Care Bill look like child’s play. A moratorium on drilling; Over $400 billion a year leaves this country and goes to Arab countries, Russia, who is now the largest exporter of oil in the world, Venezuela’s Communist leader and other Unfriendlies.

"The debt will soon reach $14 trillion and at that point we will be at 90% of GDP. That is the tipping point; the system will collapse as God warned all his people during the fall of 2008. The powers that be know this and are bringing it to pass. We are witnessing a systematic takeover of our national sovereignty and we don’t even know it."

May God, the Great Yahweh bless through Christ Jesus, the Great Yashua.

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