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Movement in the Right direction

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William Horning


Democrats, liberals, illegal aliens and most of the media were not too happy with the 2010 Republican Party Platform hammered out Saturday in Dallas.

It would take a liberal to be upset with requiring voters to produce a photo ID before casting a vote, say no to a new tax or tax increase anywhere they can get one, or of course be against illegal immigration.

Fortunately, conservatives seemed to be in control of most of the platform process as they have been for years.

An interesting new twist includes a plan to track whether elected officials acted on the platform priorities and then supplying a report card to voters before the next GOP primaries. It’s about time "talk with no walk" comes to an end in all political parties.

We’ll see what happens and find out if this is real or just a stunt.

I do question the call to strengthen the State Board of Education powers.

Education should be a local issue, but I do support Republican or any political parties’ efforts to strengthen the laws in Texas to be more like those recently implemented in Arizona.

Illegal immigration was the hot issue at the convention. While Arizona is getting all the attention, Missouri and Virginia were ahead of them in taking action.

I like many things done in those states. Texas needs to study what other states have done and then come up with the best program yet.

Some Latino Republicans question taking this type of action as does Governor Rick Perry, but they need to wake up and smell the coffee.

We cannot lose our culture and still maintain our way of life.

Most Americans, including Hispanic Americans, are in favor of stopping illegal immigration. They know what will happen if the flow is not stopped.

Opponents always say that illegal aliens pay rent, buy groceries, buy clothes and participate in the economy and warn what would happen to our economy if 20-30 million illegal residents all of a sudden went away. That is a scare tactic that you should not let worry you.

Just think what it would be like with less congested roads, hospitals not having to close due to overuse and of course prisons being less crowded due to the crime rate going down.

In addition, your taxes would go down substantially, but there are a whole lot of other benefits.

Think about employers now being able to hire legal American citizens at a living wage and everyone paying taxes instead of things being done in the underground economy.

Think about not having to push "1" for English or "2" for Spanish. Think about not having to pay for more than 450,000 anchor babies born in our country each year.

How much safer would you feel on the highways knowing that most drivers have driving training, licenses and insurance?

There would be less drinking and driving in addition.

Your children would receive a much higher quality education since schools would not constantly have to deal with the problem of non-English speaking students.

Dallas has to deal with 140 or more languages and some cities like Denver are dealing with close to 200 languages.

One often overlooked benefit would be what American would be doing to help Mexico.

As the illegal aliens went back more than say five years, life in Mexico would improve.

Don’t say it can’t be done or costs too much. Three American presidents including President Eisenhower sent large numbers home before.

With new resident citizens having experienced living in a democratic republic, Mexico might get the idea of having a true republic instead of living under the corrupt totalitarian system they currently have.

It’s no wonder Mexican leaders do not want their return. It would put their rule at risk.

Mexico is a beautiful country that is very richly blessed with resources.

I know of the gold, silver, oil and many resources they have. I have been there and seen more of the country than most Americans.

Life in Mexico could be wonderful. The Mexicans are good people being cheated by their government. Let’s help them enjoy their heritage and keep our own.

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