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The Bad Ship Socialism

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William Horning


Memorial Day was another opportunity to honor the sacrifices so many Americans from the days of the Founding Fathers, to the present, have made for us to have our Freedom.

I sometimes wonder, however, whether too many of us have forgotten what freedom really means and have been tricked into boarding the "Bad Ship Socialism."

This is a terrible dishonor those who made those sacrifices and often the supreme one, to keep us free. Why do people believe that it is good for corporations and government to be partners today?

We often call it Fascism today, when Benito Mussolini really had the correct term for it.

He called it "corporatism". Look around, and you will see corporatism everywhere in the United States – usually cloaked in terms like "public-private partnerships". If you hear or see that, you know it is bad.

Why do we have a lot of Communism in place? Karl Marx’s "Communist Manifesto" was first published in German in London in 1848 then updated by Marx and Engels over the next forty or so years and translated into English and other languages. In case you are not familiar with it, here is a quick summary of the ten planks:

1. Abolition of private property. (we have part, taxes and the Kilo decision)

2. Progressive income tax. (we’ve got it and rates are going UP!)

3. Abolishing the right of inheritances. (we’re 55 percent of the way there)

4. Confiscation of property of emigrants and rebels. (we’re partially there – police often confiscate cash upon arrest- it might be drug money!)

5. Centralization of credit through a national bank. (done)

6. Centralization of communications and transport. (monitoring of phones and internet is done, but no active control yet; transport is done)

7. Factories and production owned by the state. (little ownership except of land– some price controls, etc. - partial)

8. Obligation of all to work and industrial armies (we have many living off those who do (partial), but we do have armies (unions) trying to use political force. (partial)

9. Combining agricultural with manufacturing and abolition of distinctions between town and country. (potential attack on property rights by voting masses in the city- started)

10. Free education (indoctrination) for all children in public schools (done, except for private and home-school renegades).

Notice that a large percentage of the Manifesto is coming along just fine right here in Amerika! Last week’s article, "Heading to Havana?" partially described what life would be like once we arrived at that destination. Most Americans still have not come to grips with the fact that they are even on the "Bad Ship Socialism."

Every four years, the Democratic Party (so socialist they can’t see straight) and some Republicans, try to entice you to give up your freedoms and come along for a free ride on the bad ship Socialism. They make it look pretty enticing.

After all there is free food, free education, free health care, free houses and a whole lot more including, of course, the swimming pool! They forget to tell you what Karl Marx, the Father of socialist said about it, before boarding. He called it a "temporary path", which in the long term leads a nation to communism.

If Havana didn’t sound like a trip you would want to make, socialism (communism, corpo-ratism) offers other prime destinations. One is Pyongyang, North Korea where lucky husbands get to spend one night a year with their wife just to keep the population up to fill the army. The rest of the time you work for the state and try to keep from starving. Isn’t socialism wonderful?

If North Korea didn’t sound good, you might try China, the model state for the New World Order. There, you could queue up in line for a job in one of the factories making the Apple iPhone. The line is very long since many are looking for a job, but don’t give up hope. The suicide rate of existing workers being worked to death is always providing openings. China glitters on the surface. Deep down it is evil.

I think I’ll pass on all the Free Trips, and work to find Constitutional Solutions to keep what freedoms we still have, get back the freedoms we have lost, and fix what needs fixing. Let’s turn this ship around!

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