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Deception is the game

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William Horning


The more Americans find out about President Obama’s plans for our nation, the more we find out what he really meant when he called for "change". Deception was his game, and he won the first round. He has gone back on almost every promise he made during the campaign. Forget ending the war in the Middle East, forget openness and accountability in government, etc. When you are a liberal/socialist/communist, you are taught to lie. It is part of their philosophy and strategy.

We need to take a more discerning look at our political candidates before we elect them. Unfortunately, with the overwhelming liberal bias in the media in the country today, it is often difficult to find the information you need, but with the internet and some reliable newspapers, it is possible.

Some influential members of the media outright lie to the American people. Just-released FBI documents from 1986 point toward suspicious activities of CBS Evening News anchorman Walter Cronkite.

For instance, he said the 1968 Tet offensive in Vietnam was a defeat for the U.S. when in fact it was a disaster for Communist North Vietnam.

When President Ronald Regan initiated his plan to build up U.S. national defense capability after the disastrous years of the Carter administration, CBS News aired a five- part Cronkite program saying we just needed a genuine dialog with the Soviet communists.

Sometimes the information is there, but the media hides it. That was the case during the 2008 presidential campaign. The media would not do the job it is supposed to do. They wanted to protect their guy, Barrack Obama. They know that if Americans really knew the truth about him, he would not become president.

Our media hides what is going on in communist or totalitarian countries. Communist propaganda was used to indoctrinate the "young" revolutionaries in South Africa, leading to communist a takeover led by Nelson Mandela who was later given our highest award – the Congressional Gold Medal by Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich. What a disgrace.

Today South Africa suffers a crime rate that would make your hair stand on end. One report said there is an armed hijacking every five minutes, a woman is brutally raped every six minutes, you do not stop at red lights or you will never get home alive and of course you do not go out at night. Whites are being brutally murdered on their farms.

You may say, that’s a shame, but there is nothing I can do about it and besides it’s thousands of miles away. Think again. Something is coming your way that may be every bit as bad if we don’t wake up. Our neighbor to the south, Mexico, is going the way of South Africa. The country is falling apart. The murder rate is sky high. Now it is starting to spread to the U.S.

Why don’t we see this story in our newspaper or on our TV? I wonder why – for about five seconds – until I remember that the same groups that runs ABC, CBS, NBC and our radio networks that allowed "news-reader" Cronkite to brainwash Americans years earlier still runs it. They lied and covered up before. They are doing it again.

Today, children in totalitarian Mexico and even in the United States are brainwashed with communist propaganda just like they were in South Africa. In Mexico, children read books and comics showing the southwestern part of the U.S. as part of Mexico and telling them we stole it. In the United States, school books leave out much of the true history of our country, and the liberals want to take out even more.

Fortunately, the few conservatives we have on the Texas School Board appear to have again slowed down the disintegration of our social studies curriculum by raising questions about the United Nations and supporting state sovereignty. Still, the curriculum is not good and will only get worse until we wake up and fix things. Another problem is that several conservatives are leaving the board, not boding well for the future.

We need wake up and defend our heritage. There is no reason for Texas to be supporting the making of a radical, racist film like "Machete" in Austin. It will hit the theaters this fall. Warning: this is very graphic. If we don’t wake up, this could be our future. Stop the Deception now!

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