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Normal life (whatever that is) has its share of ups and downs along the way, we learn. So, no surprises there; as adults we expect the valleys along with the mountains and we sometimes learn to take most of them in stride, wobbly though the strides may be.

Politics and the people making up that genre are a whole different ballgame. Here, experience teaches us we will be disappointed a whole lot more than the times we will be pleased.

Laura Bush is a case in point. Though not heretofore political, Ms. Bush may be stepping out from the shadows to reveal who she really is, with the publication of her new book, "Spoken From the Heart." Maybe she’s not a goody-two-shoes after all and I am genuinely surprised by what I’m hearing. Not surprised, as in pleased…

I have not read the book…and don’t plan to do so. I will listen, however, to book reviewers, if you will, for that will get me far enough to form a good-enough opinion based on what I’ve already decided about the W-end of the Bush regime.

It’s no secret a majority of (serious) Christian activists have come on board with the Republicans since, at least, the times of Ronald Reagan. It was a no-brainer, as the other major party has been more and more controlled by the Hard Left since at least the mid 60s.

The Left’s baggage is not one to be approved by serious Christians. Not even by serious moral people who may not necessarily be religiously inclined at present. Pro-abortion, anti-Second Amendment, Big Government advocates with its attendant Big Taxes, a "Living" Constitution mindset, anti-God, especially a Christian God; the list could go on and on.

New activists having a moral or Christian mindset had no real choice, so they joined with the Republicans, a major influx beginning in the early 80s. They have had an important impact on that party.

After Reagan, Republicans, though seemingly eternally hopeful for candidates with a Rea-ganesque worldview, have had to bite the bullet and settle for what appeared to be the least of two evils, when it came to presidential candidate choices. Too often, the Republican turned out to be either Tweedle Dee Dee or Tweedle Dee Dumb.

I somehow don’t think this set of circumstances has been coincidental, accidental, or any other kind of dental. You don’t have to call it conspiracy, but you can if you want to.

Too often, those of us active within the Republican Party (not necessarily "Republicans") have kept our fingers crossed behind our back when a Republican is in the White House, hoping against hope he will turn out to be a genuine article, someone just close to who he said he was on the campaign trail. We have almost always been sorely disappointed since Reagan.

It goes without saying, the Democrat presidents or candidates always turn out to be precisely who they say (or don’t say) they are…and/or what the Democrat Platform (subtly) says they are or must be (see "The Left’s baggage…" paragraph above).

It also goes without saying, many of us had our fingers crossed behind our back for eight years, hoping against hope W (movie about George W. Bush) would turn out to be a genuine article (despite numerous actions or inactions to the contrary).

I had determined in my mind Washington and the media did not like him because he claimed to be a Texan…and was thusly being fed tainted information by many to make him look bad on his decision-making and in other areas.

It had become clear to me W had a very un-Texan and faulty view of the War of Northern Aggression and resultant War for Southern Independence, as do most people in the world today. I had hoped not.

Now, with Laura Bush’s new book being out, it was told to me of her statement therein of her question as to how anyone could ever name a school after Robert E. Lee.

Therefore, it is now becoming clear to me that neither W nor Laura Bush truly understand Texas history (though claiming to be Texans), do not understand the South, its history and all those Red States that catapulted W into the White House, do not even understand the meaning of true liberty framed for us by most of the Founding Fathers. They both have bought in on the sanitized version of American history and are thus both Tweedle Dee Dumbs.

May the great God Yahweh, in the name of Yashua the Christ bless.

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