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Supports Arizona Law

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I wholeheartedly approve and agree with Arizona’s attempt to curb the flow of illegal aliens.

But I am afraid it is too little and perhaps the wrong approach.

At least it is an attempt and with the resources available the only one open.

The military could use the border area as an advance training area for the infantry.

This has been done before in places like Georgia, where they used the local natives as the opposing force, and in the swamps of Louisiana during the Vietnam era.

It is kind of ironic Re send troops to Afghanistan to protect their borders and we can’t do it here at home.

Which borders are more important to us?

Wasn’t there a country in history that sent legions to distant lands, to the Mideast and north to Britain and built a wall across

Britain to keep the invading hordes from the north out?

Are we progressing or depressing?

If we have went that far back in history perhaps we should go future back to biblical times and wall in our cities.

Arizona’s law will only nab a few, those that drive or are caught in other crimes.

What of the ones that live in the shadows? Although they may not commit crimes, they can provide a safe haven for the drug trade, a storage area and provide information.

The constitution provides protection against random search, so how do you nab them?

On one hand you are trying to stop illegal aliens and or the other hand, contractors and others welcome them as cheap labor source.

Perhaps Obama doesn’t want to do anything that might tarnish his medal.

People say the government failed to act, the government is not doing enough, who or what is this Government?

I was taught, a government of the people, by the people.

So it is you and me and my neighbor, we are not doing enough. Remember your representative is elected by you and for two years.

How many businesses would last if they kept the same nonproductive employees on the payroll? People like to shout and carry signs but when it comes time to mark that ballot, well that is a different story.

How often have you seen a group of people muttering and talking among themselves, but ask for one volunteer to step out and dead silence and every one looking to the other. You see it often in jury trials, twelve or six members and someone has to be the spokesman. Not me.

The media could help in a way, as election time nears, to remind the voters of who voted for and against. People have such short memories; they need to be reminded over and over.

The advertisers know this and they repeat the same message over and over. Another thing that would help is to demand they bring the National Guard home, since we are not at war, and they are the National Guard, guard our nation.

Let the states deploy them as necessary.

Mr. Ralph E. Shartle

Cedar Hill

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