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I dont like foreign vehicles

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Having been born just nine days short of two years prior to the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor might explain it. Or having been in the employ of General Motors Corporation for thirty years could be a part of it too.

Not that I’ve always been a GM man, for the first automobile of my personal purchase was a metallic blue 1954 Ford convertible…or was it the red and white 1957 Plymouth; you know, the ones with the giant tail fins, so visible in the rear view mirror as to lead the driver to thinking someone was tailgating him all the time.

Then there were the 1953 and 1954 Mercury hardtops, though I probably never got beyond the try-out stage on those two. They were neat, though.

My first new one was a 1962 Oldsmobile Cutlass, white with red bucket seats and four in the floor, synchromesh. It could run, with its aluminum block V8 and was a keeper for a number of years.

Another Oldsmobile and it’s been Chevys ever since.

Dad and I did look over a new Nash Metropolitan once; you’d need one for each foot…and I could only afford one; on second thought, I couldn’t even afford the one of them.

Dad’s 1939 Nash is the first one to my memory. Then came the 1946 Pontiac, straight eight and black as pitch.

The front coil springs tended to do what coil springs are wont to do, be bouncy, but it could get on up the road.

The 1949 blue bathtub, er, Nash had almost enough power to pull the hat off your head. Flat head six, it was. Looking back, my first dating days coincided with the blue Nash and I guess there’s something to be said for being able to get a girl to date you, touring in an inverted blue bathtub.

The 1951 Ford Crestliner, chartreuse and black was a stunner, course, anything chartreuse and black is bound to be a stunner.

While working in Dallas, Dad, driving the ‘51 got hit by a guy overdosed with Falstaff…and so, goodbye to the stunner.

The 1955 Dodge, was a really nice vehicle. Though being color blind, I believe this was either a two or three-tone, with purple or wine in there somewhere.

Not like Mogan David Wine, but wine-colored.

Looked good to me, even without the alcohol; another stunner.

Yes, and it had a HEMI.

Said all of that to say this: I don’t like foreign vehicles, not even Rolls Royce, Bentley, or some of those hot Italian numbers. Well, I do like them, when driven by foreigners in foreign lands. Other than that, my Chevys do me fine. USA nameplates have served me well, even the inverted bathtub-Nashes.

I’m not happy about GM becoming Government Motors, but hopefully that’s only temporary, along with those who caused it to happen.

While into critiquing, I’m also not a fan of the (mostly) Japanese four-wheelers in the hands of irresponsible "recreationalists" seeking somebody else’s muddy field or nice peaceable little creek to slop around in, in other words, trespassing on other people’s private property.

We all have a problem there, needing solution, whether or not we have muddy fields or peaceable little creeks, for in the hands of some, the ATV pleasure-seekers become American barbarians, and no respecter of property.

Foreigners, in general, I’m not against. Probably got some Scotland, Ireland, and England in me, along with a touch of Cherokee (which foreign would have to go back to the days when they could walk across the Bering Strait).

If I were king, all foreigners wanting to make America their permanent home would have to fulfill two main requirements: get in line and do it legal, along with genuinely having a heart to somehow become a plus for our nation of states.

May Yeshua bless.

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