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The war is on

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William Horning


No, we haven’t attacked Iran yet, and I hope we don’t, even thought the Neo-cons are pushing hard for it through their treasonous, lying organizations such as Newsmax. Nevertheless, a war is on. Alan Stang, former writer for 60 Minutes turned political writer and radio show host, had two political laws to always remember.

Law One: If you don’t know you are in a war, you will lose. Law Two: If you don’t know you are in a battle to the death, you will die. I had the good fortune to meet Alan in Tyler in 2007 before he passed away.

The war we’re in is a war to save our western culture, our economy, our Constitutional freedoms and everything we hold dear. Also Known As (AKA) Obama is carrying out his orders from above to move against us. The battle is on for the hearts and minds of the American people. Whose army are you fighting with? You should be a member of the real Constitutional army of all Americans working to win, not on some neo-con "play-at- it" team!

We have the Tea Party con-job going on as Darla Dawald of resistnet.net and Tea Party Express III winding its way toward Washington, DC where they have joined hands with another organization that needs watching – fairtax.org, for the Peoples Tax Revolt on April 15.

They say they may not agree with all the philosophies, but after all, big neo-con support is behind it. Michael Regan just became Honorary Chairman of the Fair Tax National Victory Camp. Newt Gingrich says he likes the idea. His support should be the kiss of death for the idea, but 12 Texas Republican congressmen are signed on. While the fair tax looks good on the surface, I am concerned and want more information. Why are neo-cons supporting it if it’s good?

We have a church on almost every corner, but how is Christianity doing? Pollster George Barna did a study on 16-29 year olds’ views of Christianity and found many think it is old fashioned, judgmental and hypocritical.

Most everyone believes that Americans are becoming more hostile and negative toward Christianity.

He said that when young people were asked to identify their impressions of Christianity…a common theme what "Christianity in today’s society no longer looks like Jesus," but I doubt if many kids even would even know what Jesus would look like. My guess is that today’s young Christians are not getting the basics in church and even more important, they are not seeing it lived in our lives. It’s hard to fool young people. We allow stealing and corruption. They see it.

Many people today are coming to realize that the church is the main problem. What is wrong with the churches? Why are the churches the leading source of our trouble? Most pastors are ruined in the seminaries, with one example of that being the Dallas Theological Seminary going on record and basically saying "churches should get into bed with the IRS."

By defending the 501-c3 exemption and putting Christians under ‘Public Policy" which has throughout the centuries usually been wrong, the seminary has further lowered its standards. They can’t come up with a correct understanding of the issue and try to use Romans 13:1-7 with the tax issue even when there is no law requiring churches to file. With this bad training, it is any wonder the first thing new pastors do is run down to get their tax ID number. That keeps pastors quiet, but pastors are not just confused on tax issues.

National church leaders are supporting amnesty for illegals. The National Association of Evangelicals, includes for example, the Assemblies of God, Church of the Nazarene, Christian Reform Church, the Vineyard groups, etc. The only way to stop this sin is to cut off their off their money. Make sure your local pastor and church is not supporting the National organization if they are supporting evil.

In the run-off primaries, please support true constitutional candidates, such as I believe we have with Ken Chambers and Duff Hale in the Midlothian area. The war is on. Are you paying attention?

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