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Steps for freedom lovers

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William Horning


We’ve lived through Sept. 11, 2001, Dec. 7, 1941 and many other terrible events that Chuck Baldwin covers in his article "Dates That Destroyed America"(www.chuckbaldwinlive.com), as bad as those days were, the worst of all may have been March 23, 2010. Why?

Because we are now tearing the heart out of the Constitution, not just poisoning it and sticking daggers in it. How much more can our country take and still remain America? Wait until everyone finally gets to actually read the bill and see what is in it, such as rationing, free abortion, and the biggest power grab by the Executive Branch in history with Obama’s own "Ready Reserve Corp" to enforce it?

Look at what the Commucrats (excuse me, Democrats) have on their plate for us next: Amnesty, Cap and Trade, Open Gays in the Military, and much more with the goal of ramming all this down our throats before we can slow them down in November. Even more troubling is that we have no organized leadership against this that you can really trust. Yes, I’m talking about the Republicans and Tea Party groups. Get serious. What do you think would had happened if the Republicans had been in office?

Since most Republicans in office now belong to what has become socialist party B, Obama’s bill at best would be replaced with a heath care bill "Light" that Senator Scott Brown and other liberals would like. The Tea Party and Conservative groups need to go beyond just some economic issues and cover all the fundamental Constitutional issues we need to know about in order to save the country. It’s not that hard. Judge Napolitano reminded us the other day that there are only 17 areas where the Federal government has power. Our congressional critters think the list is endless.

The reason more progress is not being made since 2008 is that most of our "supposed" leaders are SOLD OUT! Glen Beck proved once again this week to everyone that he is a fraud by lying on TV about the plans to chip us. Supposed conservative Mitt Romney, that many early polls indicate some Republicans think would save us, was the one forcing the citizens of Massachusetts to buy health insurance! George W. Bush, the disgrace from Texas, federalized education and our state National Guard in addition to giving us Gestapo-like Patriot Acts, Homeland Security and a doubled national debt.

Sarah Palin stumped for John McCain, the Republican version of Ted Kennedy last Saturday. His latest bill, the "Enemy Belligerent Interrogation, Detention, and Prosecution Act of 2010" would turn us into a military dictatorship. If Sarah can’t exhibit enough intelligence to recognize a traitor, she for sure isn’t presidential material. I know, John boy made her a "star" to the uninformed, but no excuses accepted here. Loyalty excuses don’t cut it. Her star has flamed out for good. This deceptive list goes on and on; trust me.

Those who believe they are Reagan conservatives need to realize that he talked the game, but for the most part did not walk it. We all need to pray for discernment to know the truth. Learn to recognize when the "conservatives" are lying just as much as you recognize the "liberal" lies.

For example, Rush Limbaugh, one of the deceivers, is now beginning to come around on some issues. Encourage or force them all to either tell the truth or get off the radio/TV with your intelligent calls, faxes, emails and letters. Once we learn to separate the wheat from the chaff, we win and they don’t.

Of course, we do need to share what we have learned with our friends and family. Spread the truth! It’s urgent.

Each one of us will have to keep the political party/group of our choice Constitutional. That means we must check EVERY proposal against the Rule Book, the Constitution. Forget the party label. Solutions are available. We are making progress. With some good research and God’s help, you can trust yourself to make the right decisions. Watch any "leaders."

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