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Technocracy: Flashback to our future?

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William Horning


I recently read an article entitled, "Technocracy and the Global Elite" by Patrick Wood and there was a word I had not seen since my father told me about this idea when I was in college. Technocracy, according to Wikipedia, is a hypothetical form of government in which engineers, scientists and other technical experts are in control of decision-making. As an electrical engineer, he came into contact with many others

A California engineer had invented the term in 1919. By 1932 it had come to mean government by technical decision making since it appeared our old economic structure had failed leading to the Great Depression. Of course, it had not failed.

The private Federal Reserve had just corrupted the system and then crashed our economy on purpose so they could pick up the pieces cheap. You would think we should have learned from history, but many people still defend the Fed just like they defend proven traitors like Rick Perry when solid alternatives are available. If our Founding Fathers had been afraid of the unknown, we would still fly the Union Jack.

There is a major problem for Technocracy in a Republic. Since only the technocrats knew how to do everything, elections would not be needed since the leaders would be selected on the basis of specialized knowledge and performance. I wonder if Al Gore would have selected had he been around in 1932? Now, Al is admitting to being surprised with the cooling we are experiencing instead of the warming.

Since I am in the investment business, I have noticed for years the push to list "carbon credits" and other environmental instruments for trading. Last year driving I-45 to Dallas, coming into Wilmer I would see a billboard reminding residents that the great "Smart Meters" were coming to town.

Once in place, they will enable the U.S. Department of Energy to have tremendous control over our lives all the way down to controlling your thermostat, dryer, refrigerator, etc. Is this Smart Grid creation by the U.S. government a flashback to the technocracy failure in the 1930s? It failed so badly then, that it disappeared from our language, but it looks like the idea is back with vengeance.

Many apologists for socialism, fascism, communism, etc., say that if only the "technocrats" had more information available back in the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s, they would have been able to succeed rather than fail. Vast computing power today allows almost everything, including you and me, to be monitored 24-7. They now have the information.

A recent article in this paper talked about RFID chips coming to our credit cards, one nasty step deeper into tyranny. Then there is NAIS, the National Animas Identification System to track all animals, Cameras to track your vehicles, along with Facial Recognition to track citizens, plus internet and phone monitoring. Of course, most of us carry a GPS tracking device right now in our cell phone. Hitler and Stalin would have loved to have all this fancy stuff!

Zbigniew Brzezinski and David Rockefeller said in 1973 that they created the Trilateral Commission to create a ‘New International Economic Order." It appears they are using the stimulus fund spending to help move us all into a Brave New World /1984. With all the draconian laws already on the books and now the new Health Care bill, with today’s technology, they will soon not only be able to turn off your lights, but also your bank account, and your health care. Technocrat in Chief Obama will have the control button in his hand. We had better get very serious about educating the public on his plans and remove his elected friends from office in November. That would be a first step toward a cure for our Republic.

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