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Better off Left Behind

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William Horning


Not only does the Obama administration plan to destroy what is left of our once good health care system this week, now he plans to downgrade President Bush’s failed No Child "Left Behind" law.

There is nothing the Federal government could do more to help education than getting out of the picture entirely.

The Department of Education needs to go away. Parents and teachers have been warned, but so far, most are just ignoring the situation thinking "their" school is different.

Wrong! It’s not. There are no good public schools.

If the school takes public money, it can’t be a good school.

The reason parents think their school is good is because they do not know what is going on inside it.

America is being destroyed from inside the classroom.

Your children are being brainwashed to prepare them to be good global citizens.

They make them afraid that global warming will melt the ice and cause the polar bears to drown.

The story is a complete fraud, and not happening, just like Al Gore’s global warming.

Schools destroy family, Christian values and the very fabric of society with ideas and reading lists that would make your hair stand up.

They destroy our constitution.

Public schools started their latest decent into hell in 1988-1990 with the Schools for the 21st Century pilot project, followed by Goals 2000, the Educate America Act (1994) was passed by Congress, but it had is start under the guidance of George Herbert Walker Bush and the National Governors Association.

Under the new education, children are not taught to think and knowledge is not encouraged beyond what is "life-related."

The knowledge to draw upon to make reasoned decisions will not be there in the future.

Studies are centered on issues like the world population, ecology, security and economy.

Children are being scared into believing radical things need to be done to save "mother earth."

This system education was tried before in the U.S.S.R. and Nazi Germany.

What we are getting in America is what one writer called transformational Marxism, which gradually moves us to the Marxist state.

We must be getting close, for the same characteristics are now being exhibited in our children.

They believe they can succeed with all the technology they have available this time.

Teachers generally ignore what is going on.

They bought into systems education and holding children accountable.

They may not like it, but they do know where the paycheck comes from.

As you know, children are subjected to assessments, called a test, to see if the students are exhibiting the desired behaviors.

It they are not, the child is remediated.

If enough children fail the assessment, the teacher is also remediated (extra training, mentoring, probation) and if the school as a whole fails, it can be taken over by the State or closed.

Of course, these assessments are a subjective measure of behavior.

Getting the right answer is not a priority and the pass/fail line can change with the political winds.

What should a parent do? If possible, get your children out of the public school.

The best option is to Home School.

That is where most the leaders of the future will come from.

Another good choice may be the Christian School IF the curriculum being used is both Christian and constitutional.

If not, why waste the money. Charter schools are not a good option.

These schools escape most state laws and use tax dollars without accountability.

It also means parents have even less control over what their child is taught in the classroom.

All schools think they know what is best, and do not want parents to have any meaningful input besides providing the money.

When public schools are finally recognized as a failure, the free market will provide better alternatives.

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