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Making stronger tea together

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William Horning


The Primary is over, but the results show the battle to save our Republic is far from over. There were some Tea Party victories, but over-all, the job did not get done.

The incumbents are mostly still in place. To get them out, patriots who want to save the Republic will have to join together and make stronger tea.

Maybe we need to go to coffee? Republican slugs voted for Perry or Hutchinson rather than Medina, who was the only one with a real understanding of the Constitution.

If you voted for Rick or Kay, you need to look deep inside yourself and see if your heart is still in place. Do you really love your country? How can you overlook a proven unconstitutional record? Shame on you!

Jesus expected Christians to actually keep his commandments – John 14:15. We should likewise expect and demand our elected servants follow the constitution. Granted, we all fall short, but Rick and Kay didn’t deserve in any way to be in the political ballpark, let alone be allowed to stand at home plate with a bat in hand.

Why do we reward treason with re-nomination? Yes, I said Treason. Bilderberger and CFR are treasonous groups. They lied about almost everything.

Democrats need to look for their heart also, because Mayor White is not an option. He is far worse than Perry, and stands for a double dose of treason.

Any thinking Democrat, and I think the number is growing as they realize their mistake in voting for skin color instead of principle, realize Obama is not Martin Luther King. MLK talked unity, Barrack Obama talks division.

If Obama takes the country down, and national health care is a major nail in our coffin, we all go together - black, white and brown. Get the calls and faxes going to all members of both parties. Work and pray for success. I am told the Republican leaders could stop it IF they really wanted to.

I spent an hour and a half Sunday evening on a conference call with my friend Dan Gonzales of Florida, who was the Vice-Chairman for the Continental Congress 2009. This united group of patriots from Libertarian, Constitution, Republican and other parties hammered out a plan to save the Republic.

Go to: www.givemeliberty.org. Click on: Articles of Freedom and read this vital information. I learned that Dan, along with one of his friends, took 100 tons of food to survivors of Katrina in Mississippi.

Wow! That’s what real Americans do in time of need versus what FEMA did by blocking aid to survivors!

What type of government would do that? Think about it. Folks, we are in the middle of a political Katrina on steroids, and we have to work together, get better educated about all the issues, and get the job done.

No one person from any group or any party knows it all. John Adams warned against political parties destroying the Republic.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I was at the Hilton Americas in Houston for a business convention. It was quite an event, with motivational speakers like NBA all-stars Tim Hardiway and Mark Jackson.

This prior scheduled event forced me to miss the political all-star event in Carl’s Corner, Texas, where Debra Medina told the cheering crowd that she was not finished with politics and she would be refocusing her efforts shortly.

Retired sheriff Richard Mack of Arizona spoke of the importance of regaining constitutional powers, and to remind local sheriffs that they are the supreme law enforcement officer of the county in which they were elected.

Sheriff Mack also stated that is was very important for each Texas County to form a constitutional militia. Tim Baldwin, a constitutional law expert, spoke concerning the re-establishment of constitutional law in the United States of America.

His focus was primarily on the 10th Amendment of the Bill of Rights, which states that the individual states are sovereign except where clearly delineated by the constitution. Thank you Stewart Spraggins for reporting. Let’s get the stronger tea brewing!

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