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Using the right dictionary

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William Horning


What we think usually has a lot to do with how we define the terms involved. Unfortunately, many Americans have been dumbed down to believe our Constitution is a living document. That is not the case.

Definitions don’t rust away and change just because time has gone by, but they may change in your mind if you listen to a "perverter" that wants them to change for their benefit rather than the country’s.

The terms in our Constitution mean what the Founders said they mean.

We have allowed the rules to be changed in every area of our life today when we should instead make everyone follow the rules: our leaders, our pastors, our businessmen and do so ourselves.

Our elected officials swear or the Bible (or recently the Koran) to uphold the Constitution. This is serious business, but most of them take it as a joke. One of my favorite people in the ministry, Dave Daubenmire, puts it this way: " ‘So help me God’ does not mean one is asking for God’s help, but that one who breaks an oath falls under the eternal judgment of God" The testator must also be held accountable by the people.

I wonder if the treasonous elected servants today would like Judge Blackstons’s solution for treason in England.

It included hanging, your entrails being taking out while alive and burned, then being drawn and quartered with your head going to the King. Of course, that might not be politically correct today.

Fortunately we have a "better idea" – we re-elect the critters, punishing the pigs by sending them back to our trough.

The churches in America today are not halting the vices we see everywhere. One writer put it this way, "Our government encourages spiritual malignity, the courts defend it, and the churches alibi it.

"Indifferent parents who are involved in their own hedonistic and perverse pursuits abandon their children to the purveyors of social degeneracy."

We are a spiritually fallen nation. Where are our Pastors? Why are they silent while our President carries a monkey god Hanuman, talisman idol in his pocket?

I am sure that is not in the definition of Christian, and for sure there is a definition of what a "citizen" is. It would be good for Obama to pass muster on the citizenship test. This is the most unknown and strangest man to ever occupy his office.

Business, you must remember, has no loyalty to a country or the constitution. Corporations are liable only the shareholders, and therefore must be watched carefully. Profits are fine, but fascism (a business and government partnership) is wrong.

We have that in healthcare, which is why costs are out of control. Business needs to be forced to follow the rules.

The failure to use the original meaning of the commerce clause in the Constitution has allowed the Feds to suppress the States and its citizens and is allowing our government through "interstate commerce" to completely override the Tenth Amendment.

The original intent, according to James Madison, was to just prevent states from applying tariffs to competing states and blocking products from markets. We cannot allow this "circular logic" and color of law to be used against us.

President Obama is becoming nastier and nastier in his dealings with people that do not support his positions.

This was clearly shown in the recent Health Care summit where he insulted many speakers. Does he believe he is god?

Some are suggesting that. We now need to speak out even more against his un-constitutional policies and actions!

REMINDER: "Fixin" things starts right here in Texas, not in the District of Criminals. Get down to Willie Nelson’s Place just north of Hillsboro by 1 p.m. this Saturday and hear two of the leading experts in the country: Attorney Timothy Baldwin on State sovereignty and Sheriff Richard Mack on the constitutional Sheriff. For Reservations/Information: www.drawa line.org.

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