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Et tu Brute - again

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William Horning


Roman Emperor Julius Caesar has his friend Brutus turn on him with a knife. Debra Medina had Glenn "Brutus" Beck with the abrupt and brutal ending of her interview on his show the other day. Of course, readers of this column should not be surprised.

I have been the lone wolf in this paper warning several times that Glen Beck is a Neo-Conservative or Neocon for short (today’s term for Trotskyites - Leon Trotsky philosophical leader of Communism in Russia with Lenin back in 1917).

He is not the libertarian, conservative, constitution loving person he tries to present on radio and TV. He is the smoothest "government disinfo operator" out there working for the New World Order in the media.

His 9-12 Group is there to take over the Tea Party movement to keep it from ever going anywhere. He "set-up" Debra Medina because the establishment was getting scared with her clearly winning performance in the debates and her sharp rise in the polls.

Of all the Republican candidates in the 2008 race, only one was a "real" conservative and believer in the Constitution. Your leaders lied to you. The media fooled you. A cunning, slick talking, lying preacher from Arkansas named Michael Huckabee fooled many Christians.

You bit the hook of the stumbling crook the party put up for president, John McCain (financial fraud, open borders, liberal voting record, and a bunch more.)

The only candidate a true constitutional American could support was Ron Paul. The others were ALL neocons, but the "thought police" in the media and on FAUX News didn’t want you to know that.

Guess what happened when Ron Paul was soaring in the polls like Medina and setting records in campaign fund raising? Brutus Beck aggressively attacked him just when it looked like he might have a real shot at winning the Republican nomination.

On CNN in November 2007, Beck along with ex-Marxist David Horowitz smeared Ron Paul supporters and even inferred that the U.S. military should be used to silence them. I am glad to see Beck has lightened up these days. I would hate to see a tank on my front lawn.

Now, the "kinder, gentler" Beck only favors "book burning," and "thought policing" for any subjects that are not on his approved thought list. Don’t even think about why he was for the Bush bailout, all the wars, the Federal Reserve, and definitely don’t question the strange things about 9-11 Debra Medina has probably been asked about.

"Das ist Verboten! – That is Forbidden!" We now live in Amerika! Mr. Beck will do all your thinking for you. "I am not capable of researching and making up my own mind." Please repeat that after me.

While Beck is a major monkey wrench in the freedom movement, I also warned of Sarah Palin, and it looks like I am now being proven right. You don’t get on Faux news (Judge Napolitano the exception), have a business partnership with John McCain over six months before becoming the VP candidate, and endorse Rick (Bilderberger Group attendee - CFR on steroids) Perry unless something is seriously wrong with your thinking. She is also trying to hijack the rest of the Tea Party Movement away from being a group of angry independents, conservatives, constitutionalists, libertarians, and republicans into being an arm of the Republican Party.

Don’t even think about voting for Kay Bailey Hutchinson, She rides the broom for the CFR – Council on Foreign Relations that publishes its desire to end our Constitution in their magazine – Foreign Affairs.

The Americans for Prosperity and other neocon groups have also hijacked the Tea Party Express. If you’re just waking up to this information, welcome to reality. It’s better than being a dumb American slug. Make this info viral in Texas. It is all well documented and true.

Debra Medina is not a "professional politician" and is clearly the best candidate running. She deserves our vote. Tell all your friends. Let’s show Brutus what Texans are made of.

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