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Legally stupid in America

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William Horning


Being stupid has to be legal in America, because you see so much evidence of it everywhere. Producing stupidity is also very profitable. That is why you see the fancy new "brainwashing centers" called public schools where your children are "dumbed-down," lose all common sense and become good slave fodder. Folks, let me tell you; the public schools are really bad! If you love your child and have them in a public school, get them out as soon as possible.

Don’t wonder why your child lost their Christian faith by graduation or soon thereafter. Why wouldn’t they with the pro-abortion, pro-homosexual, anti-Christian secular worldview being pushed in schools and colleges? It’s hard to offset the massive corruption of your children that takes place in public school with an hour of liberal (apostate) church using a modern (dumbed-down) Bible translation on Sunday especially when they get many hours of "stupid TV" a day after they get home.

The public schools boomed after Lincoln’s war against the Southern people and the crushing of state’s rights. The brainwashing worked so well, it was carried to the rest of the country. Since I mentioned Lincoln, I would guess that few Republicans really know what their own party stands for today. They think it is "conservative" whatever that means. The first Republican president said, "My policies are short and sweet…I am in favor of a National Bank (Federal Reserve), I am in favor of the Internal improvement system (infrastructure and spending projects), and a high protective tariff."

Ron Paul and Debra Medina should really be running on the Constitution Party ticket rather than the Republican since it’s the only party the Founders would recognize today. Of course, any Republican voting for either Rick Perry or Kay Bailey Hutchinson must be "illegally stupid!" I beg all Republicans to research what they have done versus what they say. Check out the groups they and their supporters belong to, such as the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). No true Texan could belong to that treasonous group.

Thomas Jefferson, the original Democratic standard bearer, would roll over in his grave to see his party today. The Democrats supported limited, decentralized government, hard money and individual liberty. While Andrew Jackson was President, they retired the national debt, abolished many taxes and the cornerstone accomplishment was in "killing the third national bank in the United States. Unfortunately, in doing this using a direct appeal to the people for support and by strongly challenging the right of states to secede, he laid the groundwork for both the Civil War and the usurpation of power we see exhibited in the Presidency today in contrast to what is called for by the Constitution.

The Democrats made their slide into stupidity when they allowed the populists to take over the party in the 1890s. While the Republicans worked for big business, the populists fought for government intervention for the benefit of the common people. Today, they want to add health care for all to the unconstitutional list of freebies already dolled out on a monthly basis. Unfortunately, the Republicans have joined in on most of this stealing the past 50 years. There are few sermons in our government (501-c-3) churches about government stealing. I wonder why?

The Republicans originally supported a strong military and imperialism from Lincoln to Theodore Roosevelt. The Democrats took the "war title" away from them from WW1, WWII, Korea through Vietnam. Republicans regained the title under Regan and the Bush’s but now Obama is trying to upstage them in Afghanistan. Both parties have forgotten George Washington’s warning to avoid "entangling alliances." We can’t afford to be "stupid" and allow the "military-industrial complex" that Eisenhower warned about along with the bankers run our lives.

One solution to our federal government habitually ignoring the Constitution is Nullification of these illegal acts by the states. We can solve a lot of problems right here in Texas. According to one source, 25 states have passed resolutions denouncing and refusing to implement the Bush REAL ID act. The Firearms Freedom Act has passed in Montana and Tennessee and is pending in a bunch more states. Stupid may be legal, but it is dangerous. Let’s get smart and start doing the right things.

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