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Re: Judge Al Scoggins

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I am going through my own nightmare with Ellis County Child Protective Services. Who has the reputation of being over-protective, above the law and known to remove a child without reasonable cause?

Apparently, they pick and choose who is allowed to be protected. Right now they are protecting a well known woman of the community that now has four children related to her (from two different families and two different outcries within a year) to remain loose and unpunished with access to the children she molested (the first children that came forward are living IN HER HOME!)

The judge that has let this woman stay loose in the community with the children unprotected has a known personal friendship with the perpetrator. I feel that him not addressing all the children’s cries for help makes him just as guilty for molesting my boys as she is.

In Angelina County, Texas, they arrested and prosecuted a 33-year-old man for molesting an 8-year-old in the same manner.

He received several sentences that totaled about 90 years. He had one aggravated sexual assault charge that differed from what she has done. She is a 61-year-old woman, professing to the community that she is a devout Christian that has physically and sexually abused her grandsons for more than a year (which falls under continuous sexual assault of a child, not to mention incest and indecent exposure to a child.)

All four young boys were told by their fathers (her son and her ex-son-in-law, both of whom she helps with daily child care and financially) that she has permission to spank them so they thought the pain she inflicts from the physical abuse is deserved when they misbehaved. The sexual acts that make them feel uncomfortable and dirty because the touching, fondling and masturbating with her bare hand caused feelings of arousal.

It’s okay because it’s "Gran-dma" and has continued after the first two boys cried out. No one stopped her or stepped in to protect the boys (CPS, Ellis County Sheriff’s Office, the judge that heard the case, etc.), they did nothing to punish their grandmother. CPS did tell the grandmother after the first outcry not to shower naked with the boys anymore nor to bathe them since that is when they were being violated. The grandmother did stop taking showers with them naked, but continued to molest them for another year against CPS instructions.

The fathers continued to leave the boys in her care unsupervised overnight, allowed out-of-town trips after the initial outcry (the father of the boys that cried out a year ago allows his boys to LIVE IN HER HOME.) A year later, two different grandsons make an outcry. This time it’s only discovered after crying out because she hits them across their face and head (something she has done after repeatedly being told to stop since they were 2-years-old and 1-year-old), a CPS report was made for physical abuse at the time.

One incident that just happened in July 2009 at a church convention, Grandma tells all four boys (6, 7, 8, 9) that she will "pop them on the mouth" if they move in the bed while going to sleep (they’re on a full-size mattress in the sleeping quarters of her horse trailer; all but one boy got popped. She also molested all four boys in the horse trailer at this church convention in Midlothian. On the most recent CPS investigation, Grandma is told AGAIN not to bathe the boys on a "safety plan" (8/25/09.) This same "safety plan," two of the boys’ father signs it and adds under his signature that he "does not believe the allegations are accurate, but in attempt to expedite proceedings, will comply till case is closed." (this is written in her defense before he even ASKS his sons if she molested them.) He has physically abused the younger son, leaving whelps and bruises on his bottom and legs when he was only 3-years-old (CPS intervened and testified in court against him.) He continues to show no concern that his little boys have spoken up and are crying for help to make Grandma stop hurting them and stop molesting them.

No protective order is extended to any of the boys; after many requests to CPS, ECSO or Judge Scoggins, I kept my sons with me from the time I called CPS (8/22/09) until Judge Scoggins ordered that my 9-year-old, the one that was most recently molested, was to be given back to his father until further notice, without any interest or regard to my son’s outcry of sexual abuse!

A traumatic time made worse by a person who holds the position to protect him. The two boys that made the most recent outcry, their own father doesn’t believe them, even though he knew his mother was accused of the same exact thing last year. To believe his own boys, he risks losing the financing his mother has provided the past 13 years I’ve known him.

There is so much more to this sad, horrible, unthinkable story, but the facts are: ECSO, CPS, the civil judge in Ellis County Court at Law, Judge Scoggins disregarded the first accusations against his friend, has single-handily allowed her to molest these four boys for over a year by doing what he has done, taken away these children’s rights and bending the law because of a personal relationship. The boys’ fathers and anyone that has been told of the boys’ abuse has not done their legal responsibility to help stop her and punish her according to our laws that protect physically and sexually abused children. So much harm has been done to these sweet boys because the horrible grandmother has taken away their innocence, a time that can never be repaid and damaging memories that can’t be erased because of the connections in this county.

She presents herself to the community to not only be a Christian, but has Bible studies and teaches Sunday church services in the same home she has molested these children time and time again. Not only is she a child beater/molester, but is also damaging these boys’ fragile relationship with God.

On our hearing on Sept. 11, 2009, Judge Scoggins said he would not hear ANY PART of my sons’ sexual abuse testimony until CPS and the forensic interviewer could verify my sons’ accusations. It was the worst example of judicial bias ever imagined. My first complaint is that he put a civil matter the boys ‘father filed regarding our sons to remain in Ennis ISD over a criminal matter I wanted addressed regarding Grandma molesting my boys. (Scoggins was aware of the first accusations by their cousins last year and disregarded it as "unsubstantiated" and a domestic dispute between mother and daughter.)

Doesn’t another set of grandsons from a different family with the exact same accusation validate the first one? And now the same sexual actions are being acted out by the victims to each other, another sign of sexual abuse in children. Another sign Judge Scoggins is turning a deaf ear and blind eye to.

All of the fathers’ witnesses were heard in the allotted one-hour time limit which the judge kept up with a timer (and even discredited a key witness’ testimony by asking her a question after both attorneys stated no further questions.)

At one time during the hearing, I gasped and said under my breath, "no way" after another blatant lie was said under oath, and Judge Scoggins screams at me in a loud and volatile tone, "You be quiet! You shut up! If you can’t sit there without making noises and facial gestures, you need to leave the court room!" I was appalled.

I have never been so embarrassed, intimidated and verbally threatened by a person of such high authority all my life. This man has in his power to protect my boys or allow their Grandma to continue to molest them. I felt just as helpless and violated as my sons. It was so un-called for and unprofessional.

I wasn’t standing up and screaming the horrible people are perjuring themselves over and over or disrupting his court (like I wanted to do!), it was a normal reaction, a quiet gasp and under my breath said "no way." Amazingly and coincidental (or perfectly planned), at the end of the one-hour time limit, only the father’s side was presented. Judge Scoggins closed the hearing by telling the attorneys to prepare a letter of what each parent is requesting and he will make a ruling after the letters are received. He will also review the recorded forensic interview of my boys which he has not shown any interest in looking at before, during or throughout the entire hearing. Judge Scoggins’ personal relationship with the grandma is obstructing justice my sons and cousins have rights to. HE is picking and choosing who has legal rights in Ellis County. HE is playing God in the 378th District Court. HE needs to be stopped, just like the woman he’s protecting.

I will continue to go to all lengths to get justice for my little boys and anyone else she has molested. All I want right now is to keep the boys together, in my home, where they have never been hurt or violated. Where they have always felt safe with me, safe enough to finally speak out about the sexual abuse. And where they said time and time again is where they want to be, because when they’re with dad, he makes them spend nights with Grandma when he’s out of town. I want the healing from the counseling and therapy they desperately need from professionals to try to undo the damage (or at least minimize) and let them feel safe, not guilty, while they are counseled. And pray the damage she has done isn’t irreparable and doesn’t cause them problems and difficulties throughout their life. Then, after this more urgent, criminal matter is investigated and handled, THEN we can deal with the civil matters between their father and me.

If anyone knows of ANY WAY I can beat this injustice, please PLEASE speak up! Any advice or suggestions that can help protect my sons are greatly appreciated!

I’m almost out of time, as of right now he has not made a ruling, but has refused to give me more time to present my side and has refused a request to strike the question he asked the forensic interviewer after the attorneys released her.

Cindy Binnion


Formerly of Ennis

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Barbara Shaw 12/08/2011 13:58:47
This man ( judgescoggins) is the cause of a lot of children having a screw-up life. He does not know the first thing about what a child needs and could care less. I dont know how he sleeps at night.
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