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America: Suicide or Revival

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William Horning


Unknown to most Americans, we have been on a hidden suicide course since the early days of the Republic. It we are to reverse this course, we need to become educated enough to recognize what is going on and then do something about it. Turn off Faux News, and get out of the "conservative fraud box." We can’t continue to bleed forever without dire consequences. Here are some key events we need to be aware of.

Alexander Hamilton in 1791 set up the first Bank of the United States giving British bankers their hold on us that is still here. In 1913, with the creation of the Fed, they gained massive control of our monetary system. President Nixon in 1971 severed the dollar’s ties to gold, giving free reign to the Fed. This led to the near collapse of our financial system in 2008. We must End the Fed, but we must also put their socialist Republican /Democratic business partners out to pasture in November, 2010. Politicians buy the American Slug’s vote with the slugs’ own money.

Government schools started expanding in the 1840s and today, produces citizens generally unable to make decisions that will keep our country free. If you can, get your children out of public school. Public schools are not good, because even if the teacher you know is a good person or a Christian, they still teach Marxism. The system, by law and training, is rotten to the core. It can not be saved. They are giving your children cultural AIDS. Use home schooling (forget Christian schools that usually mix a little Bible with humanism) to quarantine your children from socialist/communist poison, so American values and Christian culture can be restored. Without the deliberate "dumbing-down" that is going on in our schools right now (teaching - tolerance, social/economic justice, peace, sexual freedom, safe schools, inclusion, diversity and sensitivity training), would not be running wild. I read a quote by Abraham Lincoln (who saved the Union, but established the political supremacy of the federal government over the states until we can restore State’s rights) rightfully warning us, "The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next." The 60s/70s radicals – Bill Clinton and now Barrack Obama are in charge and in Congress.

Trade pacts have greatly contributed to our suicide watch. The first globalist trade pact in 1944, GATT, came along with the Communist UN, World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). NAFTA went into effect in 1994 (with the support of con-man Rush Limbaugh), later CAFTA and other agreements as middle class jobs leave, never to return until our government and financial leaders are put on trial for treason. Alan Greenspan just recently was pushing for importing more foreign workers so we can lower our wages! As Mexico’s economy has disintegrated, their workers come here and our border fades away year by year.

Re-educate your friends, family and neighbors so they will not fall to the Cultural Marxist infection going around. Talking politics is NORMAL and not to be shied away from. Know what you’re talking about, then stand up, speak up, and don’t back down. Do not relax and expect that everything will be OK after November since lot can change between now and then. We could see more false flag terrorism for example. One election will not save America anyway. We need to all individually gain the understanding our founders had of our Constitution and regain our Christian culture. Why not start or join a home fellowship that is more likely to help than the failed, dead traditional church with a sold out pastor. Forget suicide. We can have Revival. Let’s work and pray for it!

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