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New Years Resolutions that Matter

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On Christmas Eve, due to the bad weather north of here, I went out to eat instead of to a party. The setting was a restaurant with 1800s era décor. As the singers belted out their songs, I heard some talking coming out of a small back room. Going back to investigate, some really old looking men were sitting around a table. Thomas, Benjamin, James and George were their names I believe.

They were complaining about their country not following the Constitution and how difficult that made it to get a good night’s sleep. While I would have loved to have been there with them in 1787, in reality, there were no Founders in a back room, but there was a lot of thinking going on about the coming year.

The big questions for 2010: Will you wake up out of your sleep and do something to halt the tyranny our founders warned about or will you wait until you’re really hurt by it? Here is a list of a few items you should be aware of to get yourself started. Google them and learn something new that really matters:

* Climategate – the Global Warming scam broke open, but they are teaching it to your children right here in Ellis County schools. They are trying to rollback the Industrial Age and replace our Republic with the New World Order. For example, Wikipedia re-wrote 5000 articles to cover up descent on global warming and allow the fraud to go on.

* Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton both went to the Bilderberger meeting before the election to get approval to run for president. All our candidates – both parties go to get approval. Have you researched the Council on Foreign Relations and the Bilderbergers?

* Interpol (International Police Force) just got immunity from Barack Obama by Executive Order so the protections of our Constitution are gone. You and your children may now be hauled off to be sex slaves. Rumsfeld admitted to Congress this goes on big time and Interpol, set up by the Rockefellers, also runs the drug trade.

* Monsanto is leading the charge toward "FrankenFoods" (GMO) that no-one should eat, but you find them everywhere. And, how about that corn syrup cut with mercury?

* You allow the DARE program to be in our Schools when they are teaching your children to spy on you and the program actually increases drug use. Why are Police and military recruiters getting access to our children? Keep your children away from them.

* The UN adds cancer viruses to vaccines; "it’s for the children" and in the US, we have mercury and all kinds of strange items in ours’. Take your flu vaccine for five years – and your chance of getting Alzheimer’s goes up 500 percent. Think about that while you still can.

* Why are they training the Boy Scouts (not in Ellis County yet) to take on veterans and gun owners to find and take the guns? A story about this was on the front page of the New York Times. Hitler’s Germany took over the Boy Scouts. It’s a bad trend.

The Bankers are in the process of taking our Republic down. Homeland Security and Northcom are for us, not the mysterious al-Quida which is really al-CIAda. Eugenicists are running the show and now-our health care.

That’s why they are talking about one child policies. We have a choice: do we go the way of the Romans, the Germans, the Russians, and the Chinese into tyranny, or do we buck-up, get the knowledge and find the will necessary to turn the tide. Choose wisely.

Everything depends upon your choice. Time is running out. Next week I will list some practical steps to take in Part 2. Happy New Year.

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